The CIC at catterick 28th august

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradshaw, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Am starting the CIC at costa del catterick on the 28th august, if anyone else starting there at the same time could let me know, would be nice to go in knowing someone. And if anyone working there or with any experience of catterick or any other ATR's could provide me with any advice i would be much obliged, and any advice other than that on anything i may want to know etc would be good to.
    Apologies also to those with little willies who hate it when topics like this get posted over and over again, can understand it gets old but please leave out on the sarcy comments :)

    Thanks for any efforts, bradders.

    p.s. I wont be under the name Bradshaw when i start at catterick, so any of you evil cnuts workin there wont know who i am :p

  2. :cry:
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  3. Cnuts, take pity on a little army wannabe and give us a little advice. All ive got so far from this topic is a strong dislike for some psycho from catterick, and im not even there yet.
  4. Bradders, you may have read the thread on MIKEAKAPARA and the guys seem to know the ins and outs of his wet farts. I wouldn't bet against them finding out who you are..........

  5. now that's not very nice is it
  6. Sh*t

    Sorry corporal/sgt/sir! :aww:
  7. Sandy posted his picture up a while back; you're biting off more than you can chew, son...
  8. Guess you'll just have to beast the whole Platoon Sandy , just to be sure like :D
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  9. profile says his a para pti, so im hoping im right in assuming i wont see anything of him, on account of not going for paras?
  10. Ha - don't assume anything, I imagine you'll see enough of him...
  11. Im so pleased i made this topic...

    Anyone with some good advice? Sandy you work there, any tips? Other than "Avoid sandy"
  12. Do you want to give me that shovel yet???

    Your platoon are going to love you!
  13. Stop Digging. Its painful to watch.

    I can see it on day one

    "Which one of you cunts goes by the name Bradshaw?"
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  14. I had an RLC corporal who had passed P Coy at Pirbright Bradders so I would not rule out Sandy being on your DS. Even if he isn't....... he can still make your life....umm... interesting lol. Have fun mate.
  15. I think he is very sporting. He posted his picture in another thread, just to make Sandy's life a bit easier. You poor boy!