The CIA Know where Bin Liner is....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Pakistan's tribal region bordering sh*t?
  3. For Chr1sts sake. We all knew it was Bradford. What took them so long? :D
  4. Only a cynic would point out that if they did know where he is they'd be better placed going and finding him. Announcing the fact merely makes him relocate. But announcing the fact also makes it sound as if you know what you're doing and after all no-one else is in a position to call your bluff.
  5. Mr Goss said: (BBC link)

    Wasn't Saddam hiding out in Iraq?

    Will there be armed Americans stomping around Dubbya's location, regardless of the sovereign status of that location, for example Gleneagles/Edinburgh?

    Since when were Americans worried about a little thing like 'outsdide our juristiction?'. If they know where he is, go and get him. Give Pakistan a sweetener and the credit and look forward to OBL's 2175.

    Make room for me on the cynics' bench OOTS.
  6. I don't get it...

    Surely saying that they know where he is hiding is an own goal for the septics.
    They find him, arrest him and report the fact, he becomes the cause for a wave of terror attacks that continue until he's released
    They find him, kill him and report the fact, he becomes a martyr and the cause of a wave of terror attackes that continue until doomsday

    Seems to me that the best option is "we don't know where he is" and he dies quietly in a sht-filled cave in Pakistan with a dagger in his guts, courtesy of THEM, and is heard of no more.
  7. A rough guess but I think plausible.

    Int have a rough Idea where he is, but not exact. They announce to the world that they know where he is. Target gets a little spooked and moves from location within suspected area. In so doing will be spotted by whatever jiggery pokery that "ssshhhh" uses these days.
    Its just an Idea, full of flaws from an over active imagination.

  8. Carpe Diem wrote

    Concur. The trial will be a long time coming (as alluded to in my last) and any publicity while in custody (alive or dead) will visit grief on someone as you say.

    However, I'd like OBL to die screaming, not quietly (I know you mean 'on the QT' CD). He doesn't deserve quick. :twisted:

    Mind you, the moment the search is called off, we'll suspect he's been done in.
  9. 'They' & 'Them' not to mention 'the Others' are probably playing mind games with OBL and his closest henchmen. Make them worried, make them move, develop their nervous twitches and accentuate that stiff neck for constantly looking over his shoulder. Happy with that tactic. I mean, they don't have to be telling 'porkies' now do they? It's just a question of 'units of accuracy'.

    Another part of the tactic may also to instil mistrust in OBL's organization. If they hear that the CIA are getting to know where he is, how did they find out? Has to be his own people right? This way the CIA could be getting OBL's own men to cull some of his own ranks through mistrust. Quite neat if it's half way to the truth. :wink:
  10. It is an excellent example how typical Western source of (dis)information works.

    Let's look at the title of the article.

    Quote marks suggest that namely these words were sounded. CIA director Porter Goss was mentioned in the article but there are no such words in his quotes. Really he said

    Good answer to question with ironic and critical undertext. Really CIA director said that he has many interesting ideas (theories, suppositions) and nothing above it.
  11. Thank you Sergey for pointing out a little about misinformation, as you are from the country of the experts in misinformation (or didn't they tell you?).

    Please don't forget to find as much ironic and critical undertext as you feel fit.
  12. I was born in Soviet Union and from my childhood was trained to read between strings. If I (and others) heard promisses from powerkeepers then it meant that it only could be true but more probably reality would be quite opposite.

    So expression Western sources of (dis)information could be complemented by Soviet sources of disinformation, falsehood and forgery.

    As modern Russian news-sources then they are to far from ideal.

    Btw, BBC is very good news-source, probably the best in the World. I read it on daily basis.

    Let's make an experiment. I'm going to post a complaint to BBC about strange 'quote'. What would be their reaction. Once BBC immediately corrected its article after my complain and posted me e-mail with thanks.
  13. How about recreating the murder of Edward II and returning to the original meaning of "going medieval on his arrse"???

    :twisted: :twisted:
  14. I received replay from BBC:

    Do you agree with mr.Gabony?

    I recall that really CIA director said

  15. He might be inside Saudi Arabia or the Yemen, both places with remote areas, where he has supporters, extensive family connections and where he can use his money to bribe officials, if they don´t support him anyway. I think that sending a snatch team into Saudi might be a bit critical, if he´s being hidden by more conservative members of the Saudi royal family.