"The church"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Crafty990, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. I must admit I was a bit slow on the up-take and didn't get to grips with this magical place till last sunday. I didn't believe the beer soaked stories of this squaddie friendly club and was amazed.

    Got up at 8 and started drinkin, got on the train and got to London by 11, straight in the church and threw about 10 cans down me grid in there. fit birds gettin their chebs out all over the gaff 8O and the compare was a comedy legend. All this on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON! This shall now be a once a month thing in my calendar.

    Anyone got any more stories of this place?

    P.S. Got threw out for píssin on the dancefloor.
  2. used to go every sunday mate CHURCH TILL 3 THEN BACKPACKERS get a membership card too no queues then
  3. Haven't been in a few years now. It was in Kings Cross last time I prostrated myself and worshipped. For anyone who's interested: Church Website
  4. Now in Kentish Town.

    Out the tube, cross over the road, turn right and it's about ten mins walk. They still run coaches to Backpackers when it finishes up though (1500?).

    Edited 'cos my nav went a bit Sandhurst
  5. Red stripe is for winners Had many a good time being led astray by naughty Australian female backpackers need to go and ask for forgivness real soon I think
  6. does every one still go in drag, or was that just me!?
  7. Think that was just you mate
  8. I've heard it's paticularly good the week of the army navy game.
  9. Cor its been a while!!

    staggering out the UJ club monday morning, in the same clobber as worn all weekend, negative memory, scaring commuters with unshaved, lager breath chuckles as you slowly regain partial memory of the evil deeds of the weekend

    Could be tempted over easter!!

  10. if your gona go up on army navy weekend you need to be there by 10.00 the queues get fcukin long
    glad to see another church "virgin" has been guided towards the light.

    It wont be long before i feel the need to confess my multitude of sins since my last alcohol fueled visit