Just wanted to say what an outstanding day out the church is!  Never thought religion could be so much fun.  The quality of the hymn singing, and the female choristers, well, aren't they just divine......

By the way, entry is free again with a MOD 90 - just don't tell the Paras, cos its their fault we lost the privilege last time!



War Hero

Now where is that get-into-jail-free card...
Couldn't agree more spanner.  Used to go every Sunday when I was at Uni in London.  Years ago, before the rest of the Army heard about it.  A small group of us who would be the only Brits in the building!  Bloody excellent day...

'And who do we hate?' 'F*ck the French!'

Oh the subtle humour of it all!

PS Prodigal, it's basically a big warehouse open on Sundays with lots of colonials getting pissed... In Kings Cross
ah hah! Alles clar!!

No, I've dredged my memory and I wasn't one of those pissed colonials - wrong city!

Sounds an excellent place - maybe we should have a Cake and Arrse party there!
Ah yes, the Church...Allah be praised!!

I seem to recall after the sermon given by the good Rev Shamen (Beers are good, Beers are good, 27 Beers are good) that one such female chorister knelt before an altar boy and played his reproductive Organ for all the congregation to her. Oh how we applauded as she induced religious exctasy in this young man as he prayed "Oh God!, Oh God!". Ah, 'tis such a good thing to see the young so actively involved in the Church community.  
Not unless you wanna party hearty........nekkid,Prodigal  ;D

York Way, N1 (0171 ). Kings Cross tube/mainline station.
Open 10-2 weekends only

The Church
York Way, N1 (0171 ). Kings Cross tube/mainline station.
A Sunday Institution - get there early (before 12 noon to guarantee entry). Extremely popular with Hampstead's kiwi-pack and southern hemisphere tourists. Major pulling ground (for both sexes). Makes a perfect night out following a visit to its perennially popular sister Backpackers round the corner.

Can't remember the bloody web address - well worth a look it is too :p :p ;D
& what a shame you've got an orange barnet ;D
Ginger chicks frighten me
ah hah!! Now we get to the bottom of the Might Do Nut and his fears!!!

I can't think why we would be scary MDN, when we're in a good mood we're wonderful to be around - of course, when we're in a BAD mood then it's hellfire and brimstone............

all you have to do is keep us smiling........... ;)
Its the toothless smiles AND the ginger hair that frighten me..

Are you a witch, if so please can you fi x it for me for my motor to have four new tyres they are £235 each & would rather get them by sorcery than by having to pay ;D
<<<<<<<<< Makes note to get coffeeproof keyboard cover  ;D
Ginger people have been persecuted through the ages, and quite rightly so!

Witches used to wear pointy hats by order of the local population, it was to try and hide the ginger locks under in order that no-one could see them, people then became afraid because they thought that gingers were the spawn of the devil

Hang the copper tops ;D ;D
Help im being threatened by a sorceress

Pursued by a ginger spell spewer ;D
Now that the haze from the weekend has cleared, I remember a particular time when a young French girl was pushed on stage, and proceeded to partake in said strip act, and munch carpet of stripper!  An outstanding act of worship there..... funnily enough there were no cries of  "F&ck the french" that afternoon.   Ahhhhh, Nicole........! :p

PS, Gingers are soon to be reconised as an ethnic minority.... you'll get free deodorant on the NHS!!
Listen Spanner, don't you start or I'll have to get my cauldron out again................

This Church place doesn't sound like a safe place for women to be in!! Please can I have a male escort to go with?! Mmmmmmm, actually, thinking about it, a male escort might not be such a bad idea...... ;)

Can I have some quotes please?!

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