The Church, Kentish town

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nik_kershaw, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Was at The Church yesterday and what can I say, there were so many fit, fit and damm fit women in there. I would say that it's as good as ever and would take anyone there if they wanted a really good time in London. My question is, are there any other places like the church in London anywhere else in the world or is it unique?
  2. I prefer the choir boys myself...I love the smell of incense whilst packing fudge into their tight little holes...


    ...especially when they're dressed as matelots
  3. Personally i think the church has gone downhill since it moved from King's Cross. It doesnt seem to get as hot in the new LOCSTAT at Kentish Town, therefore less women strip down and produce funbags at the same frequent intervals they did in King's X.

    Still a good way to spend a Sunday mind, as long as you dont fall asleep on the train on the way home as i did several times after a visit. :yawnstretch:
  4. Haven't been for a while, whats the going rate to get in and for beer tokens these days?
  5. 3 quid with ID card and 7.50 for a beer token. I never went to the old church in kings cross so I can't compare it to the old 1 but instead of going to back packers I went to the walkabout in the bush, awsome what else could i say
  6. Been to both and I must say that the old one was better, your right about the boozer in Shepherds Bush tho, especially in the summer!
  7. Tuesday night is Backpackers night in Walkabout on Shaftesbury Avenue. It's a good place to go if you want to trap 20 stone Saffa females when you're pished...err, so I've been told :oops:
  8. Tuesday today, I might just pop down and see what shelias there are there.
  9. I thought it was better in Kings Cross because everyone used to fall out into Backpackers and the same party continued except that you didnt have to mentally undress the hicks cos they got their fun bags out an hour earlier.
    It used to be great before it became really popular with squaddies as we were a bit of a hard drinking minority so they'd let us in for free and give you gold cards when they were pretty hard to get hold of.
    That being said its still a great day out, I just wish they'd vary the compare a bit as they do the same routines. Try Fulham after if you want a change from Walkabout (Bush, S Ave or C Garden) lots of good pubs with party people or The Redback in Acton
  10. Yep - been to both (Kentish Town last week, in fact) and King's Cross was definately better for birds getting their kit off!

    That said, it's not a bad way to spend your Sunday word of warning, though - that part of Kentish Town has a "drinking ban" zone and Officer Dibble (and the former London Bronchos who do the doors) weren't happy with us (and that included the Future Ex-Mrs Spreadsheet who tagged along) removing sealed beer cans from the premises.

    In fact, it was confiscated before we were "allowed" on the tube! Cnuts!

    Cheers Mr Blair....if you hadn't spend all your time bothering God of a Sunday and got yourself an eyeful of stripper, we wouldn't have such fcuking stupid laws! :censored:

    After Chruch beers.....Backpackers was great (probably gone downhill (!!!) now as it's too far away), but Walkabout (CG) and Redback (Acton) used to be good...