The Choice

Michael Buerk was presenting The Choice on R4 this morning and normally I switch off because he is a sanctimonious arrse. However what with one thing and another I listened on and heard this exchange:

Interviewee: (describing his brother's suicide) He apparently just jumped off the cliff.

Buerk: What was the impact?

I nearly crashed the fecking car! It doesn't get much better than that...
Five alpha, I back your call and also question whether or not Crazy_legs really has totalled his keyboard.

When it was damaged beyond repair, was it due to coffee spillage? coffee spray or did you land out at it during a fit of uncontrolable laughter?
Interesting. I've read a lot of belly laugh posts on this site, proper aching belly laughs that tail off into child-like giggles and snorts and usually I'm drinking a brew or a beer whilst doing so. Thing is, I've yet to spill a single drop of liquid (including sperm as I'm a lover of over my keyboard.

I also type like I possess fingers made of Downs sufferers foreheads but I've never broken a keyboard. Even when my youngest daughter spilled a glass of Lidls own cola (only the best for my kids) into the keyboard it still works fine. Where is everyone buying their sub-standard boards from?

As my dear old granny used to say "Buy cheap buy twice"

She also used to say "That's right son, lick me just there" but that's another story, one which may actually result in sperm being deposited along the qwerty line.

Edited due to pre-cum.
OK I admit it, I am a lying, cheating, fraud... :oops:

Keyboard still intact thankfully, as my chances of getting a replacement out of those good people at DII would be slim to say the least.

However: FiveAlpha, you are officially a very, very sick man!!! :D
oh dear .........5A you owe me a new screen.......I have just gone into such a fit of laughter that I inadvertantly smashed the wife in the face with the thing.

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