The choice is getting smaller

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BFT-Bandit, May 3, 2007.

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  1. looking at threads on the infantry forum it seems that the single identity infantry is getting closer. We have been asked a question, Rifles or PWRR? Not that long ago, when my first BFT was in boots DMS and 58 webbing (1981), that question would have been

    Royal Green Jackets, Light Infantry, Devon & Dorset Regiment, Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment, The Glosters, The Queens or the the Royal Hamphire Regiment?

    in 25 years 7 regiments have became 2. What does the future hold for infantry regiments?
  2. ............................back in my day!
  3. Which was when?

  4. the choices are getting more and more limited. Soon the infantry will be smaller than its CSS
  5. western it was a joke if you know what one of those is
  6. Ahh western. I recall:- 43rd&52nd, KRRC, RB, D&D, DERR, GLOSTERS, Surreys, BUFFS, Middlesex, RSussex and RHamps not to mention DLI, KOYLI, KSLI, SCLI. Given that information you should be able to figure out the approximate year of MY acceptance of the Queen's shilling!

    Never mind Suedehead!
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    SCLI would date you to 1959? That was when the SLI and DCLI were amalgamated on 6th October 1959. The DLI dissappeared under the LI brigade amalgamations in 1968 if I recall.
  8. Busterdog joined up with Titus Pullo.
  9. So was mine!
  10. SCLI or CSLI
    CSLI = Civvy Street Light Infantry...?
  11. how long will it be before we just have battalions of Infantry with the worlds biggest book on "golden threads"
  12. I agree, the local ties are being lost and fast, regardless of what the bigwigs say. One of the reasons i opted for my unit is because it was my local Regiment but it isn't anymore.
  13. Remember the boots bit; but webbing, for a BFT? Or were you just nails?
  14. CFT in 58 maybe.
  15. not nails - when I was a young Gunner (before I saw the light and joined the inf) our training screw was from 29 and gave us a taster of what life would be like over the next few months - or so he said. We did a few runs in black plimsoles, green sox, cardboard crotch height navy shorts and red v-neck vests. The BFT was his way of sorting us out I suppose - funny thing was if anyones webbing made a noise he would stopp and beast him while we doubled on the spot. The regular BFT was in lightweights, boots DMS, putees, and red vest. After that the black plimsoles were only used for inspections and to use when asleep in our bashas on ex.