The Chinese rattle their sabres (again)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. From the BBC:

    Apart from the fact that the Chinese do this every year as part of their 'Red Dawn' exercise season, I can't help but feel that the world instantly switches off whenever a US report alerts people to threat posed by so-and-so's missile capability. After all, they've been fed that particular lie before and willingly swallowed it.

    The story is here.
  2. A threat? Who didn't see that coming.

    Haven't we sent a British military delegation to meet with the Chinese army leaders just recently?
  3. Coming on the heels of Major General Zhu Chenghu's "personal" comments re the targeting of the PRC's nuclear arsenal if the US attacks the PRC in defence of Taiwan, this report has caused ripples in this part of the world. In the Asia Pac region, posturing is a way of life and as in all international relationships, "personal" comments are often used to see what reaction an idea will cause. It also needs to be seen in relation to economic development: International investment banks are throwing huge amounts of money at securing access to the PRC 'closed' financial system. At the same time, money is flooding into Taiwan as banks, in typical fashion, hedge their bets. By making constant threats against the stability of Taiwan, the PRC can 'encourage' some of the more conservative banks to invest their currency with the likely winner of any military conflict rather than with the 'plucky underdog'.
  4. The US gave China the ability to spend that '$90bn a year on defence' when under President Clinton they made China a 'most favoured trading nation'.
    Much of the US manufacturing Industry has picked up and moved, lock stock and barrel to set up shop in China.
  5. 'most favoured trading nation'. and Membership of W T O and now everyones complaining about cheap Chinese goods.
    From time to time I get asked to invest in sum bar cum whatever and if in a polite mood say, I am no Businessman.
    Even I knew that give the Chinese a level playing field they would murder the compatition.
    A $ a day would be good money in the west of China, very good money. Like India, China has a lot of very rich men and about a billion poverty stricken pesants.
    Internal revolt and it will cum.
  6. I bet you wrote it, 6! :D
  7. Pentagon report's require a village to conjure up. :wink: