The Chinese Commies/Rabid Dogs/Stupidity Thread!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. "Chicoms" Not a word Ive ever heard before, seems a bit useless really.

    However, I dont really care if they kill 50,000 dogs, the problems for the state if rabies were to start spreading would by much worse.

    the means by which htey have chosen to control the outbreak are indeed nasty but It is their county and their countrymen that htey are protecting, regardless of your views of the chinese dogs are worth less than humans (on Pillagers big scale of worth) and thus they can kill as many as they like to protect the population.
  3. I have no problems with a cull to prevent the spread of rabies, however there are ways and means of doing it, and it appears this is a little heavy handed!

    I suspect that restricting the cull to feral dogs would be just as effective, owners will notice if a domestic dog has rabies and act accordingly. 50 000 also seems like a rather excessive number.
  4. 50,000 seems excessive, but then who is reporting it?

    Chinese are inhumane - shock horror
  5. Chinese commies as opposed to Rooski commies. Come on Pillager, get with the program, broaden your mind, you were never a cold war warrior were you? :wink:
  6. As I recall, it's uncommon for the chinese to keep dogs as pets. In the main they're regarded as vermin, much as we in the west think of rats. Exceptions are guard dogs which deter thieves as much by their stigma as by their bite.

    Would so many animal-lovers be vociferous about the chinese actions if they were dealing with rats? I think not. It's another case of the west trying to impose its values abroad.

    Bat_Crab made the comment that owners would notice if a domestic dog had rabies. Having seen a few dogs in Hong Kong and Beijing, I'd doubt whether the owners would notice or even care. It may even be seen as a bonus. After all, who would break into a compound guarded by a rabid dog?
  7. That depends largely on the region. I saw countless pets when I was in Suzhou last year.
  8. well, remember up till not too long ago, the Chinese Authorities used to send the bill for the bullet used in executions to the executed person's family! 50 000 dogs is nothing to them; if they have a problem, they will "take a big hammer to a little nut" till the problem is gone.

    Granted, beating them to death makes me feel physically sick.... no animals shoud suffer unduely, surely they could use injections, electric shocks or a bullet, but that would cost money of course!

    Mind you, if only we had a criminal justice system that put criminals behind bars.... and then murderers and child abusers can be shot, and i am sure the state can foot the bill for the bullet!
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Dogs need a good beating to death, it's all their sort understand.
  10. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I don't care how you may want to rationalize this cruel and inhuman treatment of an animal. I think it is sick to kill any warm blooded animal in this way.

    Yes, I am aware that dogs, cats and other animals we may hold dear, are on the food chain in other places; however, IMHO they should be killed humanely. This goes for some of our slaughter houses as well. Most of the dog eating in Korea has pretty much gone away, I'm told. I don't know about China.

    The indiseriminate killing of all dogs, with no thought, to whether or not the dog was actuall rabid or not, to me is outrageous! There is no excuse in my mind for such behavior! Surley, there must be a better way to handle an incident like this humanely.

    People in China, do have dogs for family pets and to have one jerked out of your hand and killed in front of you, by some idiot with a club, with the dog howling and wimpering would enrage a Saint!

    As an MP, I've had to kill stray dogs on post, a detail I never liked and avoided it after the first time, (And last time.) I had to do it. (Shoot them in the head with a .45) I still can remember having to do this, it really botherd me for a long time afterwards.

    I have killed my share of North Korean and Chinese soldiers in combat, only one incident really bothered me killing them, the dog really bothered me more. After reading about the dog kill, I'd sort of enjoy killng some more Chinese, if they were the ones who clubbed the dogs!

    A for you Cutaway, Do you hate dogs so much that you would make such an asinine statement on a public board? I hope when you come back to this world, it is as a dog and someone slowly beats you to death with a club! May be you'll understand better, Eh?
  11. Nonsense The dogs were killed - as many more will be to prevent the upsurge of Rabies, which here in the PRC is not a membership ticket to the Republican party, its a nasty fatal disease that must be fought by any means ness.
  12. Killing a dog causes you more grief than killing human beings?
    You may want to give your local therapist a call as you seem to have some empathy failings.

    Your outrage about the "indiscriminate killing of all dogs wether they have rabies or not", does this also include the killing of cows (BSE) Sheep (scrapie) Pigs (foot and mouth) and finally Poultry (bird flu) or is it just the knee jerk Bambi effect because dogs are just soooo cute?

    Oh and your disgust at the method of killing? You had better get your warm coat and boots ready then you can go off to the seal culling areas and do a bit of protesting.
  13. Yeah Trip Wire you bloody Hippy
  14. Always worry about people who say they have more problems killing dogs
    than people .Guess they get pretty good with the clubs after a while though
    decent whack to skull quick and painless .Look out for cheap fur products.
  15. asians types just don't seem to have the same view on animal curelty as we do no problemwith them eating whatever they like.
    but atleast try to kill it quickly :(