The Child Support Agency..Post your horror stories here for the benefit of others.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeyDeacon, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Yep - The first rule of the CSA is never fuck with the CSA...but your experiences with the fucked up CSA may help post away...
  2. £87 per week for 17 years for one child is horror enough.

  3. That is too much ? have you used the CSA calculator ?
  4. I was on the old system, and as you had to wait to be invited onto the new system, never got the reduction. They invited me across a couple of months before my sons 19th birthday, funny that...

    Still finished paying it a couple of years ago now and instead of payments have a nice Range Rover instead!
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  5. After I made (they took) my final payment (and mine was about the same as picketdriver's, so we're obviously fabulously important people), the twats wrote to say that they'd made an error and could they please have some more - quite a lot more, which they would generously spread over 2 months. I still don't quite understand it - it had something to do with one of them coming to live with me and me claiming Child Support. So I got to support one completely and one, ehhm, generously and the witch got to have some more money from me.

    I did make the point that there appeared to be nothing to stop them making another mistake the following month and repeating the joke. Having asked for a statement that these were my FINAL payments they did oblige. Individually, they're pretty decent people but

    a. Don't argue with them - they get all defensive and the shutters go down
    b. Don't expect them to be able to justify barking rules made by politicians who have just got to be ex crabs.

    The final statement was eye watering (ly expensive)
  6. Mine was based on 30% of take home, i.e. the old system.
  7. Is there anybody on ARRSE who had an amicable sort of divorce and arranged to pay for the kids privately rather than get all wrapped up in CSA?
  8. I think now you can agree outside the CSA, but then that needs two rational adults or a rational women.
  9. I ask as it was the way my folks went when they split.

    Dad paid x amount of money per month into the house, which was for us - the kids. I was 18 at the time and working so didn't ask for anything but my sisters were about 12. When he took his early retirement and got the lump sum, he agreed to pay the mortgage off with that if he got to keep the rest. It wasn't an amicable relationship, they fought like fuck (pretty physical at times as I recall and really, really venomous. Both used to play some shit games with each other and us, the kids) but they just sat down and worked out a mutual agreement. No lawyers etc until they actually filed for divorce as that was necessary.

    I think they had to write up their own contract and both sign it, though. It had to be something that was recognized by the court.
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  10. I tried the amicable route but the witch insisted on going to the CSA and was awarded less than I had offered. That's what you get for being a witch
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  11. I did that , but i also make sure it comes out of my bank and into hers electronically every month so i can prove i was paying it.

    We werent married, so when we split we had a lawyer draw up a Minute of Agreement, which laid out things like maintenance, access etc.

    Its worked out ok so far.
  12. We did an amicable 1000 a month till she, when I say she I mean the bitch from hell, decided it wasnt enough so went to the CSA, they reduced considerably the amount I had to pay. Go CSA every time the bitch will turn for sure