The Cheshires??

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Aldo_Is_King, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Alright lads

    was at the afco today for my final interview, whilst there a few lads walked in and asked what I was goin for (they where there handing out recruitment cards etc) I said RA and they laughed. I asked why and he said well mate its cos where the Cheshires.
    Could anyone shed any light on this as I hadnt the foggyist what he was on about.
    Also got told to go for Crewman Technical and I would get alist of 12 jobs that I can choose to do before phase 2 - is this true as hadnt heard about it before

  2. Cheshires, as in the 1st Bn The Cheshire Regt (Infantry) Stick with the Gunners.
  3. Yeah mate I know he wasnt tryin to persuade me to join - just the way he laughed thought and said well am in the cheshires rnt I, thpught it was a bit odd as if theres some fierce rivalry or sumat
  4. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    The Royal Regiments manly prowess is cause enough to instill jealousy in the other arms and services. We also like playing around with the biggest and noisiest toys that the military can provide and give us free reign to throw explosives around the coutryside, what more could a soldier want??
  5. Good enough answer for me!
  6. Think I might be able to help out on this one Aldo. I'm pretty sure that there was a blue on blue (friendly fire) incident during a field firing EX involving the Cheshires. Safety arcs were all fcuked up and it resulted in some boys from 40 Regt taking about 600 rounds of small arms fire. One of the lads took a round in the knee and there was a fair bit of kit with holes in it. This would explain the giggling from the wnakers when you told them you were joining the Royal Regiment.

    I'm sure some of the boys from 40 can enlighten us.
  7. Where the hell and when the hell did this eledgedly happen. Ive worked with the cheesys alot and never known of any such incident! Plus i have worked with Cheesy's and RA at the same time and again nothing mentioned. I smell urban myth!
  8. No urban myth B_C. I've recently worked with the lad who took a round in his knee and he definately told me it was a blue on blue involving the Cheshires. I can't remember the date/place of the incident but I'm pretty sure that someone from 40 Regt can help us out mate.
  9. Odds are on he was just laughing that you werent going Infantry as im sure there would have been no joke in sniggering to a New recruit about something serving soldiers dont even know about!
  10. Or maybe it had something to do with a certain airborne bty kicking 10 bells of shite out of the chesshires during ex Pond Jump West in the early 90's.

    By the way, I'm getting a whiff of civvy. Crow, are you a stab?
  11. Worked with them on TELIC 4 - good lot. V keen CO. Excellent OCs. Had to lock the door to the room though!
  12. Once upon a time Yes and so fackin what! I did more tours as a stab than i have done as an "ARAB"!
  13. It happened alright grand Prix 99. I should know. However, I was attched to them for 3 yrs. Good bunch of Lads dont listen to all the stories you here (any regt has its urban myths). They looked after me while i was there and still keep in touch with a few of them. Stood behind a baseline on the Garvachy rd and would stand there again