The Chav Whistle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mad454fi5h, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Saw this on the news this morning,

    "A TEENAGE repellent which hurts young people's ears so badly it forces them to flee for cover has been installed in Corby to put the bite on gangs.

    The mosquito device, which sends out a high pitched noise and can only be heard by people under-25, has been put up at the Willows Arts Centre in George Street, at Motherwell House and at the Oakley Vale shopping centre."
  2. I watched that too. Now all we need is one for ugly women, in the pub :)
  3. Don't get too excited. They put one up by a spar in my old area where thay were having problems (I think it was one of the first in the UK) but had to pull it down because of the chavs poor ears could have been damaged.

    Granted not all under 25's are chavs but you would think that tidy young people will only be quickly in and out so it's a minor annoyance while they walk to the shop.

    When it was in place it reduced calls to that area drastically.
  4. So now that that's been banned, we'll just have to go back to baton rounds and setting the dogs on 'em?
  5. or fisting ;)
  6. They've just been banging on about it on R5L. This came to light at the back end of last year. I seem to remember some lilly livered tw*t from Liberty whinging about it at the time.
  7. Just seen it on Sky News, the childrens minister is calling for it to be banned because it infringes the little darlings human rights, yep thats right another tool for controlling thier behavior has been removed, bring back corporal punishment in schools for a start, jail should also be austere not f*ckin Butlins!!!!
    with DNA evedence so good now perhaps death penalty should be brought back for capital crimes.
  8. Feck off - some of us need a sh@g :D
  9. Rohypnol is your friend ;)
  10. Surely just being a chav and loitering is a tacit relinquishing of their humans rights. I for one would love to see hoodied idiots, running home crying, with blood dribbling from their ears. And if we can't achieve that with the new mosquito contraption, then there must be another way to accomplish this as a public service?!
  11. I thought they wanted me for my mind :(
  12. Some shops have started playing classical music over their external speakers.

    The chav teens think it's "uncool" and bugger off.
  13. There's yer answer; Radio 2 at 95 decibels. Totally repellant to the under-21s.
  14. They have its called stella - Only problem is it attracts as opose repulse them

  15. One of the argumnets against using these is that babies and very young children can be injured if they are parked under one by mum, who can't hear the noise and stays there for to long.

    Only problem is that in the places where these are being installed all the mums are waaaaaay under 25!