The Chav that got away!

Well not quite sure if this story belongs here or not.
It is 23:40 and I'm walking back to me ohh so lovely Nightjob when I see abit of a scuffle outside the kebab house nothing new really.
Got down to the incident and realised the friendly Bosnian KebabMan had taking a beating! 8O The bloke who was always polite and friendly so checked his injuries quickly.
While two male chavs and a gobby female missus stood there shouting abuse,what nice people :D .
Their moods changed when lost the plot n went running upto them,to my surprise they did a runner! 8O was actually expecting a drawn out fight.
Tended to ol KebabMan then took pursuit of the 'suspects'.
Now been over a year since did the ol Infantry run like a tw@t thing but soon caught up with them.
Then a proper Norman Wisdom thing happened Chav female rocks her ankle in her tacky high heels and falls to her side tw@tting her head against a double glazed window which in turn tripped her two male chav mates up 1 falling face first into concrete was the funniest thing I had seen and just couldnt stop laughing even as they ran off again.
Unfortunately it was enough to cripple me in a spasm of laughter.
Police turned up 10mins later asked if they wanted a description they said no they're going to go search for them 8O Makes no sense without a description!
Not the most amazing story but had to be told because it was the funniest thing i've seen to date that female chavs head bouncing of the glass was a classic....The Chav that got away!
Top job mate. Some justice in the world occasionally.
Anya! :p I'm not even joking that's not far off the truth!Loved to have know if that window had bust her face :D

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