The Chain of Command is working.....for itself!

I must admit that I was nervous about losing CEA under this spending review.....I need not have worried as my interests were intertwined with virtually all of our Senior Officers and of course the Chain of Command fought tooth and nail to keep it.....indeed it was CDS only "red line" issue.

Having examined the new Pension (or the scant info available) I note that anybody aged 45+ ie 10 years until Normal Pension Age (NPA) 55 yrs will remain on the current terms. This is of course a generous tapering off period and would have required a fight to secure it; apparently this period could not be extended further due to "affordability".

There will always be winners and losers but this rule neatly captures EVERY Full Colonel and above (less for a small batch of fast track Colonels born in 1968/9 ie the last couple of Blue Lists). It also chimes with the generous inclusion of Brigadiers in the Redundancy package despite them being (for quite some time) on "up or out contracts".

Cynicism is possibly getting the better of me these days but even if this was "affordable" it does appear crass and reinforces the perception that our CofC is getting through this virtually unscathed.

Feel free to provide a more balanced perspective as I'm struggling!!


Having not yet read the proposal, is that 45+ now, or in 2015 when presumably this takes effect?
Suck it up Princess, RHIP!

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