The Celestial Navigator condemns.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 14, 2006.

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    What next Evangelicalism hour? Mr. Blair, just in case you haven't been told, most Europeans love Americans, it's the administration and it's policies that most have a drama with.
  2. Involved?
    at what level, the tea boy level, the shoe shine level, the nod and smile level, Dont even pretend you have had any involvement in the formation of policy Tony.

    Just do your little nod head thing give George the jumper you bought and get lost.
  3. The Celestial Navigator (pbuh) is to speak and we PTP are to listen, do not cloud your mind with thoughts, let the Light of our Dear Leader show the road ahead.
  4. War is Peace
    Lies are truth
    Struggle is freedom
  5. History will scarcely believe such a man as this walked the earth!
  6. Indeed our great grand children will read with wonder! We are thrice blessed to stand in his shadow.
  7. I totally agree , Bliar is the greatest shadow ever to fall over England
  8. Thought this might be a good place for the following.

    At last a Labour MP with some balls.

    Shame it had to be Clare Short..
  9. A lot of people have a problem with Clare for various reasons, as did I.

    Right up to the point where she signed the EDM to prevent our 2nd Battalion getting chopped and said "Birmingham cannot lose it's Regiment"

    So sorry fellas, it may go against the grain , but she was there and in like Flynn when we asked her , she gets my thumbs up.