The CD has shrunk

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by putteesinmyhands, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Just bought Mrs Puttees a keyring photo frame (Robert Dyas, £9.99) and on opening the packaging, have found that the installation driver is on a shrunken CD - 80mm diameter.

    The disk drives don't acknowledge its presence, which is awkward as the instructions are on there.

    I've tried running the keyring without the driver (hoping that Vista would have an emulation somewhere) but no joy. The computer recognises the presence of the keyring but demands that it be formatted before use. I was doubtful about trying this but had a go anyway. The upshot is that Vista then refused to format the keyring.

    I've searched the web and been unable to find any drivers - sold as DigiView K11 by Red Sky Global, though the Device Manager tells me it's a Sitronix product.

    Any ideas how I can get my CD drive to read this disk?

    Please keep it simple. I've already considered 1. scanning the CD and enlarging the image and 2. feeding it Viagara.
  2. An 80cm is ok. They are uncommon but if you look at the tray that comes out of the CD drives you will see the middle has a small recess, thats for the 80cm CD. As for why your pc doesnt recognise it im not sure, possibly Vista ignored support for 80cm CDs as they are so uncommon. Are you able to try it on a computer running XP?

    Checking the Red Sky Global website it appears to be a cheap as chips Chinese company spouting out items with lack of support. The US has a bit of a problem with this at the moment. However in this case they say you can phone or E:mail them. Id go for the E:mail rather than get a crap call centre in mao-land (Indian ones are bad enough and we taught them our language)
    Tel: 08701454438
    Tel Support: 01323508342

    Just get in touch and ask them to E:mail you the drivers and manual. Easy enough for them.
  3. Using the PC (as opposed to Vista Laptop), CD drive doesn't see it, CD-RW drive knows that there's something there, but doesn't seem able to read it.

    I'll try the support line, but I was hoping to use the thing tonight. I suspect that the support line will be closed until Monday.

    Thanks anyway, Mike.
  4. puttees, if all else fails PM me, you can send me the CD and I will burn it to a proper sized CD for you.
  5. Cheers still. If the support line doesn't come up trumps, I'll pass it on to you in about four weeks time. I presume that you'll be accommodated at MPC?
  6. This seems to be the page for the sitronix drivers, unfortunately its difficult to work out which one you will need.
  7. Yes. I found that, but short of taking the thing apart to identify a part number, it's not a lot of help. Probably the most uninformative help site I've come across.

    Thanks for looking, though.
  8. Thats the problem with these things, they're generic and virtually unsupported.

    I've had several of those little CD's in the past, one bloke was even using them as his calling card.

    Never had a issue reading them before though, as mentioned earlier they should fit in the small groove in your normal CD drive or clip onto the spindle on a laptop drive.

    I don't want to treat you like an idiot but have you tried cleaning the CD, using the automatic install option were it searches the internet for drivers and tried it in all the CD drives in your house.
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  13. I'm miffed when people use "your" instead of "you're" but I usually keep quiet about it.

    P.S. My PC seems unable to read mini-CDs as well although it makes a lot of noise while trying.
  14. Is it a Labour drive? :D
  15. It could be a mini DVD so your CD drive will know something is there but will not beable to read it. Or it might just be a fecked up mini CD.