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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Okay, as promised here is the image to be put onto a shirt silver on Dark Green. There is still a little tidying up to do with the artwork but, it'll give you the idea. If, for example you'd rather not have the horse in it.....tell me.
    Now, this is where you all come in, the text!!! Here are three options:

    1. British Armour - Packing the punch in war since 1650.
    2. British Cavalry - If you ain't Cav.....You ain't.
    3. British Cavalry - Do it with style

    Please give feedback and include which option you'd like (assuming you like the design), if you have another sensible idea please put it on here. If you wish to vote in private please pm me. You have 2 weeks..........after that I'll announce which text has most votes and that will be the shirt you can then order.

    Incidently the 1650 reference is the earliest recorded national Regiment which were to become the Blues and Royals. Argue if you must but start another thread please!!!

    Once more, if any of you serving have contacts with PRI's etc, get them interested as the shirt can be sold much more cheaply with bulk discounts.
  2. A3B like the design, but maybe without the horse much as I like the connection, maybe some will say why a Dragoon type figure and not a Lancer? I think the horse throws the balance out, could it be behind the Fist in sort of gohst? Me I will have it with whatever you decide on. Text has to be "If you ain't Cav you ain't.

  3. A3B, i agree with Bob, id rather loose the Horse (seeing it aint a lancer) :) But truly i'll go with Bob.
  4. This is a great design. If you leave out the tank, the mailed fist, the Royal Automobile Club logo, the horse, and the rider with the Nikki Lauder style skin grafts.

    The doughnut that the horse is about to eat after is quite fetching though.

    Oh, I love the logo. "If you ain't Chav you ain't" has a certain ring to it.
  5. Love most of the logo. Any chance you could lose the tank?
  6. The idea behind this was to echo the Cav tradition along with the Armoured Modern day de............................... feck it, I'm beginning to think this design is a no gooer so..................if anyone else has a better idea of what they'd like to see...............let's hear it!!!!!
  7. A3B I hope you think that mine and scarletto were constructive, please do not abandon it for the sake of few silly comments
  8. Not to matter Scarletto and Bob mates
    I had already thought of taking out the horse as, my artworks away from shirts.......a problem but, to 'block' one in for a graphic design on a shirt....................very difficult as can be seen. It's hard to get detail in....................the guy's face really hacked me off, did'nt look bad on the pic I did but, doesn't look good at all on the I think the horse will go and the rest stays.
    What about the text though................So far I assume the 'Cav' logo has the ayes??
  9. Arthur, I have given much thought to this gritty problem and think I have an answer that works on so many levels, you need only to add the wreath and crown.

    No need to thank me mate, it's a pleasure.

    <fx tips hat to Scarletto & friends>

  10. <Clasps head in hands>
    Oh dear PE4 me ol' fruit..............don't think that'll win you ought in the popularity stakes!!!

    <Shakes head and ambles off aimlessly kicking stones>
  11. Its ok A3B, its Pe4, we know he is senile, so we humour him :D :D

    If you ain't Cav.....You ain't.
    Is agoer for me.
  12. all pisstaking aside, is anyone claiming "If you ain't Cav..... is theirs?
    I saw it on a 17/21st T shirt circa 1974. Surely you Cav types can be a bit more creative.

    You know, like you do your mileage claims.......!
  13. Ive never put in a mileage claim on a tank???
  14. The Royal Armoured Corps: Armoured *******!
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Another Chieftain man then :lol: