The Catholic Church finally loses the plot


Wow, old Pope Benedict is really doing well, isn't he 8O
What have we had so far this year? Let's see...
Jan - rescinds excommunication for Bishop Richard Williamson, the Holocaust denier. Williamson apologises for shaming the Church, but not for his views.
Jan - appoints Gerhard Maria Wagner to assistant bishop of Linz. Wagner accuses Harry Potter novels of spreading Satanism & said Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for the sins of New Orleans.
Feb - Bishop, not Pope decides that his posting in Linz is not a good idea. No apology about comments either.
March - Brazilian Archbishop, Jose Cardoso Sobrinho excommunicates peoples for trying to save a 9 year old girl's life...
What next - Williamson posted to Jerusalem?
War Criminals canonised?
Kiddy fiddlers sent to be school chaplains...? :roll: Oh, that happens already, doesn't it
Who the farouk gives a stuff what the Roman Church says. In a case like this its just the stupidity of some Bishop whose lives in luxury and is divorced from the reality of real poverty. All they are interested in is numbers, potential 'bums on seats' in Church. Maybe the Bish's bonking the Nuns and Choir Boys!!! (allegedly)

In some ways it is just as bad as Mad Mullahs and Ayottolahs demanding that female rape victims are stoned because they are no long 'Virgins'. What a load of crap.

What next? Will the Vatican start selling 'Indulgences' to raise cash so daft buggers think that they will reduce time in purgatory for their sins..... But then lots of folks still beleive in Santa Claus.....

I don't know any Catholics here in the UK who follow all the rules and regulations that the Vatican demands of them. Most of it is just manmade bull!!


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Don't worry everyone - T.Bliar has said he is a Christian although he takes the 'gay view' about adoption.

This means Bliar thinks it is ok for 'poo-pushers' to be adoptive parents - the Pope disagrees - poor old Pope!

His Holiness the Pope has no chance of being followed or believed when ranged against the intellect and accomplishments of T. Bliar.

To rub salt into the wound, I believe that the plug-ugly, wide-mouthed-frog, Bliar Cherry, is bemoaning the 'death' of Christianity in Britain. With that pair of shallow non-entities at the helm, is anyone surprised?
I doubt that that reaction was the official position of the RC Church. The RC Church makes a strong stand against abortion but does not normally excommunicate (i.e. suspend access to receiving the sacraments of the church, and in the case of clergy prevent them from ministering in the name of the church) on the grounds of having or procuring abortions. Even supposed catholics like Nancy Perlosi who legislate to allow abortion, mis-represent the catholic church's position on abortion, and yet still claim that they are catholics in good standing are not excommunicated (even if they are publicly censured).

This seems to be the position of one individual archbishop, and the people subject to his decree of excommunication can appeal to the Apostolic Penetentiary to have it overturned (as Bishop Williamson did - and to correct one assumption, though his excommunication was lifted he is still not allowed to function as a bishop or a priest of the RC Church he is now merely allowed to receive the sacraments administered by licitly incardinated priests of the church).


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My only surprise is that the Catholic church hasn't offered the step-father a job!, although they may have preferred him abusing boys.

Not a dig about left-footers...I personally think all religion is fundamentally flawed...nutters the lot of you/them.
As much as this insanity can be put down to an un-official view point the one that makes me laugh is an official one. I can not find a link to it but im sure i read an article in The Economist a year or two ago about the RC church thinking of abolishing purgatory. Their logic was that since non-baptised children who die go directly to purgatory, they were not winning as many "customers" in the third world as they should be with its high infant mortality rates. So they decide to talk about scrapping it to make themselves more alluring to these people.

Thats right folks, the head of mortal mans delegation to God is wanting to change the big mans floor plan in a PR campaign :thumleft:


Cardinal Ratzinger, the present Pope, has been singularly instrumental in the last at least 50 years in effectively preventing any progress by the Catholic church towards a genuine understanding of the real issues in the world, instead insisting that the "infallibility" of the Pope, which is a comparatively new invention, was the benchmark. It was he who railed against abortion, Johnnies or any other form of birth control. It was he who malevolently and negatively influenced Paul the Polack in his declining years and it was he who manipulated his own accession to the papacy. He'd tried a few times before, but was chopped off at the knees by the more liberal and open elements in the Vatican. He then set about systematically reducing them. He's quite the worst fate to befall the Catholic church in the last 300 years.

Whenever I see piccies of the cünt, I can't but be astonished at how fückin' EVIL he looks. I'm sure if you presented pics of various serial killers, axe-murderers or perverts with his grid in the line-up, you'd elicit an overwhelming response that he's all of that and more.

Still, what can you reasonably expect from a former Nazi?




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But it cant be True!!! (the Pope.s Airborne He Wears a Red Hat)
I saw that in NI a member of 1 Para had painted on a wall in Flackstreet Mill, those were the days.
So your saying people who belive man born from a woman who was impregnated by a sky fairy went round turning water into wine and making fish supper for 5000 out of a tin of sardines. Only to be killed then rise from the dead to fly up to heaven have only just now lost the plot?


The misses wants out kids baptised when we have them which I don't disagree with, however she wants them to be Catholic.

Not going to happen, I'd rather give myself a vasectomy (sp?). They are the biggest bunch of idiots going. I try to argue my case giving examples of their stupidity but it doesn't make any difference.

This is just another example of why I don't want anything to do with that religion, I'm sure it has it good points, but I can't see many.

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