The Cat did it!!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. IN america there is a cat who seemingly detects when people will die. He curls up on their bed when they have a few hours left to live.

    Apparently in one instance he was put out of the room and promptly began pacing and crying.

    Not too sure, if I was a resident, I would be happy for him to visit me!!!! :wink:

    More here
  2. CF you git.

    I've retained my dignity, resolve and decorum throughout our entire Ashtead campaign despite the almost overwhelming urge to shamelessly blub, EVEN with listening to the Harvey Andrews track I held out, but you've successfully finished me off with this article and vid, God I'm sat here like the aftermath of the Mohne dam. :cry:

    You owe me a drink on Wednesday!
  3. Does he curl up on their faces while they are sleeping?

    If so, I think I may have sussed out how he knows that they are going to die.
  4. Loved the media tag they'd given him:

    the "Furry Grim Reapurrr..."...... LOL
  5. dont you mean curl one out.
  6. That would probably work too....
  7. You could have a lot of fun with this, all you need is a similar looking cat and the newspaper with this piece in. Then visit elderly relatives and leave the paper for them to read. That night return with the cat and plonk it on the bed whilst there a sleep and when they wake up see the video the reaction. You could either get £250 for a Jeremy Beadle type panic stricken reaction or if the relative is wealthy you could get a nice little earner from the will. :roll:
  8. Still pales in comparison to the Californian student who used to dress as the grim reaper, carry a sythe and tap on the windows of old folks homes in the wee small hours......mind you if it was me, lying there with no bladder control, no muscle condition, and no point, i would probalbly think ''Thank f*ck, about time''.
    Smear my bed in Wiskas, shove a sprig of cat nip where the sun don't shine....