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The Castle Thread


Wiki dosn't how many castles in South America, but Venezuela and Colombia have some. Brazil has two but Sao Paolo, 23 degrees S seems to be the most southern. Kiptown, Seffrica is almost 34 degrees south. New Zealand doesn't have any castles listed in Wiki.

Châteauex Cathare de Puilaurens Aude.. France.
Here's some drone footage of Puilaurens



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Most home delivery drivers hate this place .

Those who fitted the scaffolding on that front left turret were not overly amused either!
I remember adventure training in Bavaria.
Climbing and abseiling was nearby but the Schloss was only visible on certain parts of the rockface.
As you say a view you can't tire of.
I did - I was a Snow Queen/Winter Instructor for a number of seasons - whenever the weather was too bad, off we traipsed to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle...