The castle, Richmond

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by DieHard, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. I was just watching tv when i got hit whith a blast from the past.
    Cheekie petes night club ( its spelt right ).
    Anyone else been there? I know its a business bldg with some flats now.
    It bought back memories of having to battle skinheads on the bridge to get to thd mod night in the club.

    I hate growing old.

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  2. Blody hell i remember cheekie Petes, i went there a few times about 79/ 80 while on block leave from brats with a mate who lived in st. Margarets. Forgotten all about it till now.
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  3. Cheeky Pete's, Brolley's, The Beer Keller, Pantiles & Heros over at Camberley. All gone, all gone, Pantiles has even been knocked down and an old folks home built there. Trying to tell us something?
  4. I thought you meant this one:

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  5. They were also one of the first to open its doors to disco after saturday night feves exploded across the country. Dancing competitions etc etc.
    It was the first proper night club i went to.

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  6. I loved Cheekee Pete's with DJ Steve Allen (now LBC) and the Beer Keller with various accordionists including Alan Young - Arthur Young and John Leslie. My friend John Cumiskey was a doorman at Cheekee Pete's. Happy Days!
  7. I'm doing a bit of a personal interest project on Blues and R&B live venues in London during the 60s.

    The Richmond area was well served. The Crawdaddy Club at the Station Hotel, Richmond (later relocated to Richmond Athletic Ground) and the Eel Pie Island Hotel at Twickenham. Some very big names from home and abroad appeared at these places.

    All these local places have gone now.
  8. Another necrothread revived. What's going on?

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  9. Auld-Yin

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    They're using the Search Function!
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  10. Idiots. Don't they know they have to wait until jarrod tips them the wink?
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