The Case of the Missing LSAP Increase


Where's the long-promised LSAP increase announcement then? LSAP is mentioned only twice in the 2007 report, but no increase is proposed.

Para 1.15 says:

AFPRB 2007 said:
It is clear from our visits that Service personnel have a strong focus on the need to get on the property ladder in the current market. Service life constrains this ambition and threatens retention. In this regard, personnel we met frequently commented on the Long Service Advance of Pay for house purchase – while new eligibility rules were welcomed, the level of £8,500 was universally considered insufficient.

Fair enough, you might say. Reading on, you see in Para 4.4 (about the RM £10000 FRI):

AFPRB 2007 said:
MOD considered that the level of the FRI would reflect the value of other financial retention measures and, alongside Long Service Advance of Pay, help Marines with house purchase.

Two points from these extracts:

1. So the AFPRB clearly recognise that £8500 barely pays for anything towards an average house these days, especially for Juniors who may struggle on income multiples to get any sort of mortgage, and needs to be increased. Why haven't they, then?

2. What's so special about Royal Marines that they need help with House Purchase but other sailors, soldiers and airmen don't? This seems a ridiculous throwaway line in the report - why include "house purchase" as a consideration for pay rise in this section of the report, but not mention it anywhere else?

I had heard, from all sorts of people, that this year there was going to be an announcement to increase LSAP from £8,500 to £30,000 (I think), of which £10000 had to be paid back. The remaining £20,000 was free money, but you'd lose entitlement to Boarding School Allowance (or whatever not-very-catchy thing its called now), GYH packages, plus a few other perks, and attract a return of service. This would have been much better than any FRI for bootnecks in retention terms, and allow everyone in the Forces to get a decent house as a First Time Buyer.

So where is it, then? Is this the reason the report was delayed by 3 weeks compared to last year? I smell a New Labour rat...

WHERE is the LSAP increase?
Your name has already been taken btw... (see 'the matelot')

Your point however is a good one!

After the government got away with a stealthy AFPRB release; I do not think they should get away with all the Trojan Horses hidden within.


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Had anyone in green heard about this LSAP increase, then? It was presented to a few of us recently ("informally, off the record, old bean") as a done deal...

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