The case for mine hunting


The unmanned sweepers aren't limited to fetching mines, they can also double up on tasks such as a 40kt surveillance asset, you can even man them with a boarding party of steely Royals.
If you fill them with Royals though then technically they’ll be manned.

(Well, maybe transvestited if they happen to be in their Saturday night rig).


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Can't see any downsides to the modular kit, fundamentally they are better at minesweeping. And useable from land.

There could be downsides to the organisation as a whole on the other hand. Would leave very few small tubs for command and training opportunities.

Is there any fundamental reason why they couldn't be used in rivers too? With the transvestite types changing role to off shore raiding one wonders what the Type-32 is likely to look like... Also what focus is being put on riverine warfare as a whole?

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