The Carterton Grief WALT

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tropper66, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. taken from ARRSE Facebook page

    "" Andrew Brooks
    Good evening. My name is Andrew Brooks I have set a group called respect for heroes. Please look at this group and if wish join. Many thanks for you time.""

    And there we have the name of the guy who started the f@cked up Facebook page that has caused so much pain and heartbreak to a number of the bereaved families, and more than probably the source of all the misguided Press reports, and just who is Mr Brooks, a retired ex serviceman, a grieving member of a family, no, he's a f@cking shelf stacker in the Carterton CO OP,
  2. I'll first parade the Outrage bus.
  3. The bus is VOR. Far to many people have been taking it, without carrying out a first parade.
  4. I'll pop on down to Avis and see what they can provide, I should be able to get a good rate with the corporate deal.
  5. And he's annoying you. Do you have his address? I'd like to buy him a pint.
  6. You really the dork that the Snail thinks you are, Fuckwit

    It's nice to see that your up good and early for school though
  7. Dear fuckwit.

    A, I'm really bothered what the Snail thinks :roll:
    B, Why don't you invent something to show Andrew Brooks (great bloke by the way) how pissed off you are?
  8. you and Brooks would make a good pair, both attention seeking sad cnuts, is that picture on FB really you??
  9. Zen


    Hello, pot calling the ******* kettle!
    Who cares if some bloke wants to set up an FB group, he's not bothering anyone. Is what he's doing any different to what the grief whores down in Wooten Basset do?
    Get over yourself.
  10. Oh you thick cnut, where the f@ck have you been for the last couple of years, this is the cnut who has been screaming blue murder about disrespect for the dead, and because he is as thick as you has openly abused members of the families on the internet when it is none of his f@cking business, he has no connection with the forces,or any of the repatriated, he's just like you ,a cnut
  11. Thnks for the link Tropper, old chap. A word of caution before you enter the fb page, it's fuckin' dusty in there.

    The leviathan of the sky does land
    In Englands green and pleasant land
    Its cargo more precious than Gold
    The body of a Hero,bold.

    Once the Giants engine stopped
    The cargo ramps gently dropped
    Carried by six on shoulders true
    The Hero is saluted by the crew.

    The coffin draped in Union Jack
    Is slowly carried out the back
    Out of the Dark and into the Light
    Slowly down the ramp to the Right.

    The six approach the Hearse all black
    And place the Hero genty in the back
    The six then turn and march away
    Thier duty has been done this day.

    Politicians usually have much to say
    No sign of them near here this day
    They hide away and out of Danger
    Much easier if the Hero is a Stranger.

    The hearse with its precious load
    Moves slowly out into the road
    The floral tributes line the route
    While comrades snap a smart Salute.

    At the edge of a Wiltshire town
    The cortege slows its pace right down
    The streets are packed,many deep
    Some throw flowers,most just weep.

    The crowd have come to say Farewell
    The churchbell rings a low death knell
    Regimental Standards are lowered down
    As the Hero passed through the town.

    The cortege stops and Silence reigns
    The townsfolk feel the familys pain
    The Nations flag lowered to half mast
    Our brave Hero is home at Last.
    Ron Brian
  12. Zen


    You call me a **** like its a bad thing.
    As i said, whats the difference between him setting up a FB page and the grief whores who stomp round WB? None.
    Maybe, someone 'disrespecting the dead' is entitled to their own ******* opinion?
    As i said, get over yourself.
  13. Even when people like Lucy Aldridge and Councillor Adrian Coomber,who is a serving RAF sergeant at Brize Norton, who were both involved in the planning of the Britannia Gate and memorial garden, this cnut has just deleted their posts as they don't comply with his lunatic ranting to get the cortège's to go through the centre of Carterton
  14. Do yourself a favour,shut the f@ck up when you know f@ck all about whats going on , it just makes you look stupider than usual
  15. Hey, if it brings more customers into the co-op....
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