The captured are allowed to sell their stories. Why?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. To boost wellfare of the personnel

  2. It has been done within a conception of free market.

  3. Freedom of information in action.

  4. To pospone emerging of the truth

  5. Another reason.

  1. Indeed, why?
  2. Fcuk me, you're quick :roll:
  3. Dont see why not really!
  4. Well, they're not going to get much for those suits are they?
  5. It depends on what your veiw of the sailors actions while in captivity I think.

    If you think by co-operating with their captors the sailors were right to do so then you will be more acceptable as to selling their story.

    If you believe that the soldiers did not perform their duty by giving more than name/rank/number then you will not think that they deserve to sell their story, especially considering they may get paid up to 3 digit numbers.

    The MoD may have let the sailors sell their stories as a way of propaganda against the Iranians, as if the Iranians treated the sailors badly then it will become publicy known just how bad it was for them.

    This is just what I think anyway and i'm not best informed on the events, just snippets of news that i've seen.
  6. This is just wrong - all 15 need to have a real good look in the mirror tomorrow morning.
  7. It's not like they can get compensation of the MoD, sure we all know the risks, but they have served their country so why should't they make some money for themselves? Nobody would bat an eyelid if this were about civvies. We shouldn't criticise their conduct, most of us should know what CAC is all about.
  8. It is an interesting idea. Suppose, a 'newsmaker' sees this story:

    I was captured, treated well and eventually released with gifts.

    What would be a commercial price of this story? No more than half pense. But terrible story about oriental dungeons in '1001 nights' style with bloodfirsty torturers and potential rapists would be a bestseller. Let's recall the story of Jessica Lynch.

    So another option should be added.

    To stimulate creation of fairy-tales
  9. stop the Press from just making it up.
  10. Indeed, it is a reasonable explanation.
  11. Are you suggesting that they should get compensation from the MOD for their two week “ordeal”? If so why. What exactly have they done other than perhaps show themselves and our Armed Forces in a very bad light. I couldn’t see anything heroic or stressful in what was shown on the TV coverage!
  12. But, they're not civvies, are they?

    They're members of the armed forces, half of them are Royal Marines!!!

    Our country is falling apart at the seams, society has lost it's moral compass and I fear that we may not be able to recover in time to save it.

    God knows the last decade has damaged society, but, we know that we're really fucked when the same what's in it for me? culture begins to creep into Her Majesty's forces.

    The forces are so important to this country, the chav on the street may have forgotten that, but, that doesn't make it any less true. It'll be a truly sad day when the last great and unblemished institution that this country has goes the same way as the others.

    These are sailors and marines, not slebriteez, this entire affair makes me want to weep. Weep, then emmigrate.
  13. Allowing them to talk was a 'sweetener'.

    If they weren't allowed to talk, they'd have probably been offered even more by the press to make them blab and, hey presto, 15 service personnel would have had to resign/leave. It's a retention thing.

    Still doesn't make it right though.

    People are dying out there. The hype over this is f*cking disrespectful.
  14. Got to agree with this. When the Forces start going down the mememe culture of civvies we are well and truly up sh1t creek as a nation.
  15. Smells like the medaling of government and spin doctors, perhaps they hope the esteemed Furhr will get a mention to paint him in the saintly light he desires :evil: