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Recall a thread about the UK establishing a protocol for the last WWI Tommy and I recall a move by the Blair govt. to actually do something ..

Of interest to me now as big push from certain quarters [ finally !!] in Canada to do the same.. We're down to three Vets of the great War 2 at 106 and 1 at 105 years young.. Dominion Institute has an online petition deamnding Canuck Government step up and put in place procedures for a State Funeral for the last Tommy as a a way of honouring all who served back then and the passing of an era After these guys go there will be no first hand experience of a war that ' forged a nation' ,as they say in Canajan history books[ those that anyone bothers to read that is ], and all we'll be left with is second hand accounts and ' histories' over analysed and dissected by academics to keep the knowledge alive..

Aussies had a big state occasion for their last Gallipoli veteran..seems we should, at least, be able to do something similar.

so, what did the Mother Couintry decide to do for her WW1 lads??
Rocketeer, have you considered a letter to the Governor-General?

Judging by her recent comments, she is very pro CDF.
PartTimePongo said:
Rocketeer, have you considered a letter to the Governor-General?

Judging by her recent comments, she is very pro CDF.

My CF colleauge was bitching about her recent choice of words and that she was not that pro CF.

As for the original question, PTP correct Governor General and your PM would be a good start.
Wilco, a worthy cause

Thank you for signing the Last Great War Veteran petition!

We have received 25053 signatures to date.

Our goal is 50,000 signatures by November 11.

We need your help to spread the word!

Drop a thread into Multnational HQ as well Ex Duke
Can we please have a more dynamic title to this thread please so that passers by and grazers ACTUALLY look in and sign the petition.
Thanks guys...

Had dinner at the Royal Canadian Military Institute tonight and rubbed elbows with a number of influential military types, including a former Minister of Defence..made sure that the concept was fully discussed over brandy and cigars..think this might actually have legs and influence some right-minded, if only the government would put their ' money where their mouth is ' as they say...
Whatever help you need Rocketeer, let us know. We all serve under one Crown.

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