The Campaign for North Africa


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In 1985, posted to the Computer Centre, I bought an Amstrad CPC6128 from NAAFI in order to get my then old for computing head (ironic then that I spent the next 30 years working on computers) around some basic computing (SWIDT?).

At this time anyone playing The Campaign For North Africa at the rate suggested in the article would not yet have finished it.

There were far too few games ever available for the CPC that floated my boat. I quickly inherited father in law's PC1640. Ironic that one of the few games I did buy for the CPC was Knights of the Desert.

I only really remember it for having a particular scenario that had to be won in 12 moves, but was impossible to achieve.

It's games like TCFNA that show why campaign games took off on computer, and KOTD that shows how far computer gaming has come on.

Suddenly I remember MechWar 2: Red Star/White Star that the late John McGourley owned. One way of filling your time. It ended up in my possession. It's still in my wardrobe upstairs. I haven't checked in nearly 40 years. I think it's diffy a T72.


Do you have to drink too little water and get kidney complaints whilst playing it?

Also Benghazi Salmon (corned beef) butties for a mid game snack.

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