The Campaign For Campaign Medals


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The Campaign For Campaign Medals

The COs and moderators have decided that it is time that someone made efforts to ensure that the issue of campaign medals is dealt with.

At present the MOD can find a soldier to send him or her to Iraq but they can’t find that soldier to give them the medal that they deserve.

The system requires an application to be made which all too often seems not to reach the relevant issuing office.

We are aware that there are members of the board who served on Telic 1 who have not received their medals despite multiple applications, we are also aware that there are other outstanding medals that never seem to arrive.

We are planning to gather a list of outstanding medals and to seek a way forward via Parliament in order to ensure that these are delivered with the utmost speed.

Our primary objective is to get your medals delivered, if by taking this action we cause embarrassment then so be it, only those who have failed the servicemen and women of the Armed Forces will be embarrassed.

I would therefore like to ask that all those who are not in receipt of a medal send the following information to the email address below.

Number, rank(or former rank) & name
Medal type outstanding
Unit when medal earned.
Current unit if still serving or home address if not
Date of deployment, date of return (approx will do)
Date of application (or applications) if known
An email address where you can be reached.


Please circulate this information in your unit so that we can get The Campaign for Campaign Medals rolling.
Medals who needs em ? Just more graft cleaning the Blooxx things !!!
I must be lucky then as I rx'd my Telic Medal (complete with Rosette!) 4 months after I got out!
Still marking time waiting for mine too. Warned off for another tour next year (whats new) so hopes now i get it after returning or it will cost a blooming fortune getting the blooming things re-re mounted.
My son took an odd phone call today from the medal office while I was at work, I’ve been chasing my telic gong.

The message although a bit vague as my sons 17 & was glued to his girlfriend at the time, but as far as I can work out they acknowledged my letter stating the medal would arrive in due course, however they are out of materials!!!!!!!!
major_shile_of_pite said:
i remember walking around york last year and the amount of northern ireland & gulf war medals in the military collectors shops beside the bridge was amazing, loads of medals, so much for the troops being proud to have these medals
i flogged mine years ago for 25 quide each in chester :lol:
lol, my mate got 50 quid for just his NI medal when he left.
How do you go about making an application for a medal that you earn't and not recived from Civi street?
I recieved my medal for telic 2 about 2 weeks ago now, so I can stop schimfing (german spelling) about that now. However, I deployed to Kosovo on the speahead deployment, and recieved said gong. I'm not allowed to wear it though, because i've done 2 tours of Bosnia before... Go figure :?:
That's bollocks. Boz was the NATO FYR issue (30 days service). Kosovo is a different medal... well... ribbon. They are two separate issues though. Pull DCIs and you'll get the eligibility requirements. Who's told you you can't wear it? Don't tell me, some cnut without any medals? :roll:

If your second tour in Boz was for the required length of 180 days, you wear a figure '2' on your FYR ribbon - denoting two tours. Someone's telling you fibs. There's nothing worse than some uninformed idiot with a power complex either telling you to 'get that off' or 'you can't have it'. Well, in this case matey, you're entitled.
My boss just did a grip & grin today to give me my OSM Afghan for Op Veritas & Op Bleed, only 4 1/2 years after i RTB'd :lol:
So if thats anything to go by, expect a 4 year wait till you get your mitts on yer gongs (so to speak!)
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