The Campaign For Campaign Medals

Discussion in 'Medals' started by maninblack, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The Campaign For Campaign Medals

    The COs and moderators have decided that it is time that someone made efforts to ensure that the issue of campaign medals is dealt with.

    At present the MOD can find a soldier to send him or her to Iraq but they can’t find that soldier to give them the medal that they deserve.

    The system requires an application to be made which all too often seems not to reach the relevant issuing office.

    We are aware that there are members of the board who served on Telic 1 who have not received their medals despite multiple applications, we are also aware that there are other outstanding medals that never seem to arrive.

    We are planning to gather a list of outstanding medals and to seek a way forward via Parliament in order to ensure that these are delivered with the utmost speed.

    Our primary objective is to get your medals delivered, if by taking this action we cause embarrassment then so be it, only those who have failed the servicemen and women of the Armed Forces will be embarrassed.

    I would therefore like to ask that all those who are not in receipt of a medal send the following information to the email address below.

    Number, rank(or former rank) & name
    Medal type outstanding
    Unit when medal earned.
    Current unit if still serving or home address if not
    Date of deployment, date of return (approx will do)
    Date of application (or applications) if known
    An email address where you can be reached.


    Please circulate this information in your unit so that we can get The Campaign for Campaign Medals rolling.
  2. Bumping this up.

    Oustanding initiative by maninblack, which I am sure will have an impact.

    I suppose, mib, that respondents can add any brief additional info which may be relevant, eg IF they know when the application was made that could be added?

    Most people will not know for sure, but if a few were able to quote the date of application that would prove or disprove the Medal Office that the excesive delays are all down to units.

    Thanks mib for taking this on!
  3. Saw an article in todays press. The men of 1 Royal Anglian recieving their Telic medals in Pirbright after their 6 month tour of Iraq. I went in Feb 03 and am still waiting for mine. Are they working through the recent application first and then the backlog? Shouldn't thr newer apps go to the bottom of the pile?? This is starting to take the pi55. (Yes it was applied for as soon as was possible!!).
  4. I am retired with all my medals from the 70's & 80's which I will wear with pride on the 11th & 13th But I would like to congratulate MIB for taking the Medal Office on. I have read with interest the delays many of you have had to endure to recieve a simple token of the nations gratatude. Keep it up mate.

    P.S. Its time the MoD payed for Court Mounting your medals as well!
    A one off allowance (times medals held) at time of issue would do!
  5. Agreed, FSNU. I saw something about 1 R ANGLIAN as well. Congrats to all recipients, and to the unit for getting the paperwork in early in the tour. Did all augmentees (whether Reg/TA/reservist) get the medal this week too? - I assume yes? Can I also assume that all valid applications received by the Medal Office prior to this Bn's have now got theirs too - errr perhaps not. MiB's initiative will throw a cold clear light into these murky corners.

    + well said Mike_2817.
  6. Is this 1st Royal Anglians first tour in Iraq? I dont know, but they may well be receiving their medals for a previous tour? If this is their first tour, then its a bit of a slap in the face for those who are waiting from previous Telics. Surely the medals should be using a system which takes into account when you carried out your tour, and put you in the queue accordingly.

    MIB, well done and an email is on its way to you.

  7. Met an RLC mate of mine in the local last night he is on R&R.

    He got a phone call at home to get his 2's on andget into camp to get his medal He goes back to Basra next week to finish his first tour.
  8. Feck!. What a great way to spend part of your R&R. What idiot thought that one up? Well, at least your mate wont be able to complain that his medal is late. Bet his missus and family were over the moon with that.
  9. A bloke who mobilised with me for Telic 4 and has since left the TA got his a couple weeks ago in the post, along with his gas bill. Still no sign of mine though.
  10. Apparently this was their first Telic tour as a Bn. See 1 R ANGLIAN is listed as having deployed once, but presumably this refers to the tour they were on at the time.

    From an MoD news management perspective, the 1 R ANGLIAN medal parade must have been a great opportunity to "prove" that the waiting period really is three months, as recently stated by the Minister. [None of this is aimed at 1 R ANGLIAN - well done boys, and welcome home.]

    That IS the system, or so we have been told.
  11. Just to second your point, nothing at all aimed at 1 Royal Anglian - welcome home.

    They can publish that all they like, and quote a 3 month wait, but it obviously isnt is it. If that was the case, i wouldnt be waiting for a medal after returning in Dec 2003 and we wouldnt have a poll here with 189 people saying they havent got it to 42 saying they have. We're being lied to, simple as that. And its becoming impossible to contact the medal office to make an enquiry.

    I'm all for waiting behind any Suez Veterans or WWII Veterans who are owed medals, but being put behind people who are just returning is wrong. I've been waiting almost 2 years, not as long as some i admit, but it isnt 3 months is it.

  12. Very well done to 1 R ANGLIAN for success where so many have failed - it was apparently due to sending a work party to the medals office to do the work themselves.

    However, my unit submitted all its TELIC 6 paperwork after the 28-day point, only to be told nothing could be accepted until soldiers had returned home at the end of the tour. Real kick in the teeth stuff, especially as some of those very soldiers were still waiting for previous medals.

    The problem is apparently well known by senior officers, it just seems they don't care enough to sort it out properly. It is unfortunately indicative of how much our soldiers are now taken for granted.
  13. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Apparently (according to UNICOM) I signed for my Op TELIC 1 Medal on 20 March 2003!!!!!!!! WHat the..........!!!

    needless to say, I still don't have it, so this will be the 3rd rememberence day with just the ribbon on and no medal!

    Better get on ebay!
  14. From this pages sponsors.
    Might find it interesting for any old sweats out there.

    Previous Page

    Veterans Badge Of Honour Extended

    Monday, November 14, 2005

    Source: MoD

    Further improvements to honour the UK's war veterans are being put in place today, Secretary of State for Defence John Reid announced on Remembrance Sunday.

    From today, eligibility for the popular HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge will be widened to include those who served between the end of the Second World War and 31 December 1954, and those who served in the inter-War years. Members of the Merchant navy who took part in military operations during these periods also become eligible.

    Defence Secretary, John Reid said:

    "The many heroic acts and sacrifices of our veterans and their families must never be forgotten. This is why we established the Veterans Badge in the first place. It has proved enormously popular, with over 100,000 issued to date.

    "It has always been our intention that the Veterans Badge will be available to all veterans. To make the issuing of badges simpler, so far only applications from those who served during the First and Second World Wars have been accepted.

    "I am very pleased that from today, fittingly on Remembrance Sunday, I am extending this to include those who served up until the end of 1954 and during the inter-war years."

    The HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge was launched in May 2004 with the intention it would be made available to all First World War veterans and the Second World War veterans who, under the Heroes Return scheme, travelled back to the battlefronts they had fought on. Because the badge was so popular, eligibility was quickly extended to include all Second World War veterans and today is extended again.

    Further extensions to the eligibility criteria of the Badge will be announced in due course.
  15. I can understand the consternation caused by the backlog of medals to be issued by the Medal Office, I am waiting for three at the moment, but I can honestly say it doesnt bother me. When you consider how many of us are being deployed at the moment, you can imagine the backlog.

    As part of my remit, I used to look after certain aspects of the Medal Office - you should see their manning (or as it was then). Consider then the number of us deployed within the last few years - and there you have it. Not making excuses for them, but just playing devils advocate.
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