The Cameron Girls - One to Regret

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mysteron, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Real & perhaps the most galatically stupid thing you have ever seen.

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  2. A really bad wind up.

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  3. I don't give a feck, I just want to do bad things to those scutters.

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I considered putting this in the Current Affairs Forum, but the devil on my shoulder said otherwise:

    Watch & Shoot, Watch & Shoot......

    So, let the powers of ARRSE do your worst on what must either way be the worst wind up in history or a seriously misjudged piece of work. Make your mind up
  2. FFS, Please say its a wind up, if not it virtually proves Cameron is TRYING to lose this election :x :x
  3. Obviously put together by the Labour Party...

    Now how do I erase the last 30 seconds from my brain? That's all I could stomach before I was a bit sick in my mouth.
  4. CMD must be delighted.
  5. Wah, surely! If not, Gawd help us.
  6. ho-lee-shite ! what the hell was going on there... I managed 15 seconds before slamming the X button with anger...

    Mind you I would kick both thier back doors in given half the chance.. bit of upper middle class gangsta wannabes.... fantastic ! Bet thier filth in the sack..
  7. The one with big hooter could smoke a cigar in the shower but I would happily fu(k the pair of them if they are up for it.
  8. Of course this is an official Tory production......yeah, right.

  9. Nice one DC, Remind me why I'm not voting for you!
  10. So on the strength of a poorly executed wind up you make a decision on how to vote?
    Some people really shouldn't have the vote.
  11. Aah fcuk! I'm not fussy, but I don't fancy yours. What d'you wanna direct us to that for anyway? It was pa-ainful! :shaking:
  12. You have to remember that Cpl_ripper only has one brain cell and thats gone diffy :WINK:
  13. A knob shrinking cushion biter. Crap tune, shit words and fugly fuckwits singing it.

    Obviously devised by Charlie Whelan.
  14. Your a hoot :)