The Buxom Bandit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Boumer, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Catwoman....;-).........or is she a 'goody'?....:hmm:
  2. She would float face up!!

    Munch Me
  3. Left jab, drag her by the heells to the store room and play crime top trumps!

    Practical lessons Ofcourse, big Timing blade wielding versus suprise sex!!
  4. "Er yes officer, I saw everything. She was about 6' tall, brown hair, blue shirt, denim skirt, and an orange flowery hat".
  5. She's in on remand now. No doubt sharing some quality time with Big Donna the diesel dyke.
  6. Whats the big deal, a chav with big tits, a suitable way to deal with it would be to fuck it to death.
  7. That could be our new form of death penalty. "I hereby sentence you to death by shagging, may God have mercy on your fart box. "
  8. Pierrepiont will be thrapping himself silly in his grave!
  9. I'd allow Kenneth Noye to finger me whilst I was heavy petting Ian Brady.
  10. Only heavy petting? No fucking spit roast? Poof walt.