The Butler Report

The Butler report , is it?

  • A very fair assessment , no one is to blame

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  • Whitewash IV The triumph of Doublespeak over fact?

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  • At last we have closure, and the PM is right, the end justifies the means

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I think the British people have been driven , after a relentless assault by the Brave Leader and his cabal of conceit , into a pit of apathy.

I won't say despair, because I don't think they have enough oomph left, to register that emotion
Dont bother ,it boils down to shyte intel ,dodgy dossiers,Teflon gets away with it again ,and Capt Scarlet gets a nice cushie number at Vauxhall bridge.........nice work if you can get it ...
Bliar set himself up a poodle that gave him a slight nip. Watched his self-justifying response to the report, it made me sick to the back teeth to use the name of the "magnificent armed forces" in vain. A lot of what happens depend on the headlines tomorrow and the by-election results but he has taken some damage. The only consolation is that if he does make it to the general election, he won't be able to campaign for fear of rotten tomatoes and housebricks being thrown at him. And if he tries to start another war, no-one will believe any case, it won't be me cos I'll be out and I'll be on the demos with a nice goatee beard and a funny cigarette! :twisted:
Option 2 says it all :evil:
Managed to read bits of the report and some articles.

So it states that all areas for this war were dodgy......but guess what? No one is to blame!

Before this began and Blair appointed Butler, everybody was crying cronyism. Now its evident to see that this was correct.

Roll on the election :evil:
Listening to John Prescott now, talking bollocks to James Naughtie on 'Today', and Margaret Beckett doing likewise yesterday on 'PM'. I've never seen such a shower as Blair's lackeys. He sent people to die on flimsy evidence. Clear as.

Screw 'moving on'.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Integrity and 'New Labour' rarely go hand in hand. The creedo now is to stay until pushed in the hope that the matter will just go away. Only have to look at Geoffrey Buffoon to see how to get away with it.

We are now in the situation that, should a similar Iraq type situation arise in the near future that
1. the populace of this country would possibly be totally against it,
2. the government, doing what the White House asks, would agree to send troops to said area regardless of the wishes of the country.
3. This would make it that much harder for troops in theatre to justify to themselves what they are doing. I do not envy them in that situation.

Blair may have cried 'Wolf' just once too often.

Still if there are any more defence cuts then perhaps this will not be an issue.
another angle too is all the news programs are saying it was a waste and unjustified...

Great, so what they are saying is our boys died for nothing?

Ok the reasons for going to war were fuzzy. but i would say what i told cadets who asked me why...

Q) theres some kids on a street corner and a teenager is kicking them and hitting them - what do you do?

A) you shout oi stop it or go and kick him to see how he likes it.

OK wind it up in scale..its not kids its a population...and its not a teenager its a dictator. the answer is still the same. if after the dust settles the Iraqi people are safer and more stable then "job done" if not, then TB has to sleep at night he got lads killed.

I hate the fact that the media go into a frenzy other this stuff and seem to have forgotten people died for this.

Just like to say a big well done to all those involved no matter how. I was thinking of you all.

So no one is to blame eh? A collective What a load of rubbish.
Scarlet promoted to head the SIS?
Old Boy network at work I fancy.

We were all duped from the highest offices in the land and everyone bought it, except me. Highly important caveats dropped from the september dossier? Come on.... Bush had already decided on war, so it doesn't really matter what was sold to the British and American public.

Troops at Heathrow? Stunk of propaganda. Heightened states of alert in America (everyone rushed out to buy water food and respirators), again propaganda!

WMD? Dont make me laugh. They were never there in the first place. Saddam was playing games with the west. 45 mins my arrse.

Labour lied. Bush lied. We were duped boys and girls. Bush and Blair are nutters.
On the plus side, this is another lot of mud that seems to be sticking to Bliar and the only one in his corner is the Sun comic. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a cr@p Labour result tonight and hopefully his party will see him for the liability he is. Can you see him knocking on doors and kissing babies in 2005?? He'll be too scared of getting thumped!
He's going to lose Leicester.

I'm just back in from Hodge Hill for Lunch,having been on the street since 0-dark-30 and it is really bloody tight there, and some of the Labour leaflets are outrageous.

Which is always a good sign, means they're fcukin' desperate. :D
Like the Beatles song..."You're Gonna Lose that Seat (Yeah Yeah you're gonna lose that seat) You're going to Loooose that se-at..If you don't get the vote out tonight they're going to beat you right (off to the lords..)"
Just had a phone call EFPp ,

Labour are bussing in helpers grand style, and from all over the bloody place too. Rumour control has it that the Celestial Navigator his own self may put in an appearance.

Looks like they're going for the evening big push, as always.

Stand To :D

If anyone wants to help wipe the smirk off the clock, turn up at

641 Washwood Heath Road B8 2HJ

Big leaflet push going out from 4.00 onwards. TODAY ONLY
Mr Part Time Pongo

Is your organisation (assume orange colours as opposed to red, blue or any other colour) interested in any future help?

My full-time commissioned status and the distance of both battlegrounds precludes me from helping in this instance. However, I will have some time on my hands very shortly and will no longer be bound by whatever QR it is! Indeed, Bliar's lies over the Iraq issue contributed directly to my decision to PVR as I never again want to be faced with the dilemma I had last year and I want to do some damage to Bliar's organisation as a "thank you" for devaluing the piece of parchment I was given some years ago and which I often feel tempted to tear up into small pieces and post to No 10!

I'm happy to join the good fight!

We nearly had it EfPP :D

Mr Pvr'rd , many thanks for the offer. In the first instance, contact your local party, however, that should probably wait, until you're out of the gate for the last time :wink:

Oh, and anyone else you can get, will be welcome too!

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