The Bus!!!

My Unit and quite possibly me are off to the sand pit in the not to distant future, and I have been on and off the bus so many times that I think I may have a lower limb injury! (6 times up until now!)

Is it just me or is it really to much to ask, that I can find out if I’m going or not before the plane trundles down the run way? Now apart from the need to whinge what I need is witty analogies for on and off the bus, i.e.,

On and off like a spastic surfer.

Go on, go mental.
I've still got your pay statement, and it is very very funny.

Get to the sandpit and get some of broons dosh for sitting on your ample arrse at the airport feeding yourself and getting wazzed every night
Its not that i dont want to go (i dont actually but ill not do a dodge) its that the fecking mfo boxes go tomorrow and i still dont know if im going or not! no duvet stuffed with porn for me!

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