The Burka Avenger !!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by DesktopCommando, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. It's a clever way at getting back at the shouty blokes with beards.

    1. They take themselves very seriously
    2. They are scared of girls
    3. They don't have a sense of humour

    Seeing themselves laughed at as they get their arses kicked by a girl will make their heads explode.
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  2. The Burka as a superhero costume, now there's an idea.
  3. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Or will make them blow up and kill the people making the programme?
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  4. I have come to the conclusion that many Moslem males in the poorer areas of the Middle East and Asia most of which appear uneducated, are very afraid of women being educated in their mans world. especially when us Westerners are seen to be promoting female education, when in reality its all children's education. Due to this fear, males would be easily led by playing on these fears. I had some fears back in the 70's and 80's when Women started asking for equal pay, conditions, etc. although these fears were unfounded. So I can see how easily it would be for some evil bastards like the Taliban to control a large number of an uneducated population. Burkha's apparently are not a religious rule but a man made rule to stop males from being attracted to female's therefor like France, I believe they should be banned as laws governing Hoodies etc. are already in place!

    I am also interested in how European's are being recruited by Islamists and turned into extremist bombers etc. What are their method's and techniques of doing this, how do they persuade these rational and educated people into denouncing everything they believed in prior to their conversion?
  5. Let's hope she's not sent on a mission to France.
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  6. Can't believe no-one's said it yet....I would!

  7. From many moons ago…

    "Scared of the Girls

    Both types of terrorists draw accomplices and foot-soldiers from the uneducated masses, but the leadership in each type of movement tends to have at least a smattering of higher education and may even be highly-intelligent and learned in terms of the host society’s norms. In both cases, however, their vanity cannot satisfy itself with what the system offers. The terrorist is always an egotist with a (desperate, fragile) sense of unappreciated superiority, aggravated by his inability to establish satisfying social, personal or vocational relationships. The terrorist is convinced that he is right, but is not much concerned with being just. He wants to “show” the world or even God. At the core of many a terrorist leader is a spoiled brat disappointed by the failures of adulthood.
    Perhaps the most routine commonality between the practical and apocalyptic terrorist is the male terrorist’s inability to develop and maintain healthy, enduring relationships with women—although the practical terrorist is more apt to idealize members of the opposite sex, who then disappoint him, and to imagine himself re-created as a storybook hero of the sort he believes would appeal to his fantasy woman (Timothy McVeigh), while the apocalyptic terrorist fears, despises and hates females (Mohammed Atta, whose testament perfectly captured the Islamic fanatic’s revulsion toward women).
    Practical terrorists may be puritanical, but they are much more likely to accord women admission to and high status in their organizations (from numerous historical left-wing terrorist groups to the Tamil Tigers). Practical terrorists may even show an egalitarian attitude toward the sexes (though by no means always—it very much depends on societal context), while the apocalyptic terrorist usually mistrusts and shuns women (al Qa’eda and other Islamic terrorist organizations are classic examples, although some Christian fringe groups also seem to believe that the word “evil” is derived from the root word “Eve”). There is great cultural variation in the attitudes of terrorists of both kinds toward women and a few apocalyptic cults have even been led by female prophets, but apocalyptic terrorists generally denigrate or actively humiliate women far more often than they value them, while practical terrorists, at worst, relegate women to the status customary in the society in which they operate.


    Nonetheless, the statistical inability of terrorists of both kinds to form enduring sexual relationships with a beloved partner is an aspect of terrorist psychology that has gone largely unexplored—we are so determined to be “serious” and to be taken seriously by our peers that we may have missed the forest for the trees. A review of historical terror cases makes it startlingly clear: Terrorists rarely have successful dating histories. Sexual fears and humiliation as young adults—and the consequent loneliness and alienation-- may be the single greatest unrecognized catalyst in the making of a terrorist (whether Mohammed Atta or Timothy McVeigh). A terrorist’s passion for political reform or preserving rain forests, or his a compulsion to serve God through colossal destruction, may be more of a final symptom than a root cause.
    Terrorists are disturbed, unhappy men. We have done an inadequate job of asking what has made them so unhappy that they seek release in killing their fellow men. We look for answers in economic statistics, while ignoring the furious power of the soul.
    There have been plentiful exceptions, but the general rule is that the more repressed the society and the more fervent its rejection of reciprocity in sexual relations, the more terrorists it produces, and the greater the gap in social status between men and women in the society, the more likely it is to produce suicidal male terrorists. Societies that dehumanize women dehumanize everyone except those males in authority positions— and the ability to dehumanize his targets is essential to the psychology of the terrorist. While those who will become terrorists may wed to accommodate social norms or familial insistence, the rarest form of human being may be a happily-married terrorist."
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  8. Yep. And no different to what men were doing in the Britain up until 100 years or so ago with a few exceptions.
  9. Well you'd have to consider some come equipped prior with grievance and just put on the manners of an Islamic warrior in the way a white supremacist might adopt the Swastika and put on Nazi airs. Faith may be a very thin veneer over race hatred or youthful adventurism. It can have as mundane an origin as a sister being insulted in the street or their community feeling threatened. On the other hand faith can also be a profound cause to die for.

    Most Muslims are born to the faith, there are significant variations and divides between different ethnic communities. Like Roman Catholicism it aspires to be one faith but scratch at and pre-Islamic folk traditions emerge. It's often just a routine they bimble through, Kosovans for instance are mostly barely observant to an even greater extent than the typical member of the CoE.

    Adult religious conversions are different. They are often a similar emotional experience to romantic love. They may be a response to bereavement, addiction and mental breakdown. You come to God lost and are made whole. Converts or reverts often describe their pre-faith existence as a living death, the language of rebirth is common. Mostly it is to the good.

    Islam is a beautifully simple formula, you are in the hands of God and must merely submit to that reality and follow a few simple rules. It's not as complex and demanding of Earthly self abnegation as true Evangelical Christianity.

    Having abandoned Christ a lot of Europeans often have had almost no experience of faith beyond some eco-babble and a chilly emotional one in a dysfunctional atomic family. Many have even shirked parenthood. As a result they often have a stunted, almost autistic, emotional range. On conversion empty meaningless lives devoted to consumerism are suddenly filled with structure, purpose, meaning and communal affection. You make people finally feel fully human and devoted to a loving all powerful God you can get them to do just about anything. It would be unsurprising if you also felt alienated from the unenlightened bovine herd you just left.

    A person new to faith is often in an elated vulnerable state. All faith can be manipulated to good or bad purpose. A tub thumping Free Presbyterian demagogue can crank up hatred of Rome to murderous levels, cheeks will not be turned and the blessedness of the meek and peace loving is forgotten. Before you know it you are filled with the love of Christ, driving about with butchery tools and a duct taped Papist in the in the boot.

    The most pacific of faiths are prone to such manipulation and all the Abrahamic faiths have their warrior as well peace making traditions. The former is even at times commonly understood by believers as doctrinaire default behavior.

    Muslims are not instructed to pick up their cross and follow me or to turn their cheek, rather practically to defend the faith and other Muslims without needlessly wasting their life, or rather the life that is only God's to sacrifice. It's a religion born in warfare with tightly defined unambiguous rules of war especially concerning the treatment of non-combatants and even the enemies food crops.

    Takfiri preaching, programming might be a better word, tends to obscure many of the restraining tenets of Islam. As with most heresies it is necessarily a highly selective reading focused on violent jihad and The Joos. In some forms it borrows from Leninism, European anti-semitic discourse and even far right US conspiracy theories. It's often absorbed over the internet by a bunch of guys in relative isolation. While they have had little time to actually absorb scripture it's particularly successful with those who lack the intellectual equipment to read and understand the scripture independently. Thick petty criminals and PHD holding engineering students who can't parse the poetry of scripture are common dupes. In this state they may throw away their lives as human ordinance or righteously murder even, actually especially, fellow Muslims declared apostate.

    As with Loyalist paramilitaries their initial violent conviction does not always survive time spent in jail reflecting on scripture or contact with knowledgeable scholars of their faith.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Oh I don't know...

  11. Ah, a realist speaks.
  12. I could have sworn it read the Bukkake Avenger?
  13. A group of guys that save the day by jizzing on a girls face?

    Probably more Viz character than Marvel.