The burden on the Middleton family.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gobbly wobbly, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Now they are married into the firm, there will be a huge burden placed on them socially, financially and practically.

    For example, James Middleton is now going to have to carry a shitty stick round with him everywhere he goes to beat off the yank birds who think that by marrying him they can become princesses too.

    I mean it's a difficult job but someones got to do it, (lie mode on ) I don't envy him.(lie mode off).
  2. well i suggest he bangs anything that offers

    and secondly if they're in cash woe, i'll give him a tenner for a go on pippa
  3. I'd give him my worldly goods to rattle his maw!
  4. You sick sick man
  5. [​IMG]

    wouldn't mind a go on her aunt
  6. Theres definatly some silicon in there.
  7. Fake or real,they all taste the same.
  8. good point well made
  9. Is it not traditional for the brides father to stump up for the wedding? Poor c*nt will be paying this one off for a while.
  10. Honestly, I tried to raise a serious point about newly aqquired family responsibilites and a group of arrsers turn it into an unseemly discussion about which family member you'd nail. You would think that you were a bunch of squaddies.

    Jarrods been quite, probably collecting rohypnol,chloroform and viagra for use while ambushing James.
  11. He might consider selling-off the rest of the family?
  12. already got a bid of £20 in for pippa and the aunt, i'll raise it to £30 if they lez up for me
  13. Perhaps someone at the Big House will log-on to Arrse this evening and let Mr Middleton know we might be able to bail him out.
  14. The Mum is already up on her high horse about it, she think is fvcking Royality.

    I think somebody said a similar thing to the Speaker of the House, Bercow that dwarf thing
  15. someone posted on here about her giving it "don't you know who I am", I find the "no sorry" brings them down a rung or two