The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Brick, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Came across this book on the front page of Amazon through their personalised recommendations bit, God knows how that came about, and it looked rather amsuing. Well in a making you want to punch all of the Cabinet in the face kind of way. Here's what the blurb said,
    Anyone read it or one of the past versions or happen to know anything about the authors?
  2. Although that figure is staggering I can believe it to be true. The revenue raised for the treasury has seemingly increased dramatically, yet I see very little improvement in services. A decline in some. Frustrating.
  3. This government is a waste.
  4. I got mine a few weeks ago, maybe a month - early release to the 'Tax Payers Alliance' at half price, it's quite good - and to be honest it's not compeltely anti-labour; lots of references to Tory wastes too.

    Interesting read
  5. The PRUDENT Chancellor - prudent arse more like!!!!!!!!!
  6. You can do anything when you massage the figures,have the ONS in your pocket and are allowed to constantly lie and move the goalposts by a compliant Media!!
  7. DII project anyone?

  8. I can't believe this gravy train is leaving without me. I really need to get in to this politics game.

    Can anyone lend me £8,000? I'll ask any questions you want in parliment. I'll employ you as a special private secretery for beer and hookers.

    I have no scrupples, morals, backbone or sense of right and wrong. For just 8 grand I'll say anything to get elected, and will say anything to stay elected.

    Don't delay, I'm on sale today. Shares start for as little as a pound.
  9. sorry sounds as if you are OVER qualified and you seem to tell the truth no matter how bad. so no Rt Hon for you im afraid
  10. Sven is that you?
  11. No need to get personal.
  12. Was a bit low wasn't it?