The bulletproof bra

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By Tristana Moore

BBC News, Berlin

It is being dubbed the new "bullet-proof bra", a new kind of Wonderbra which could help save the lives of thousands of women police officers here in Germany.
It may sound like a joke, but this is a serious matter - the policewoman who came up with the idea said normal bras can be dangerous when worn in combination with a bullet-proof vest.
"The impact of a bullet can push the metal and plastic bits of the bra into an officer's body, causing serious injury," said Carmen Kibat, an adviser on equal opportunities for the Hamburg-based Bundespolizei - Germany's federal police force.
"I always thought normal bras posed a safety risk and I wanted to change that," she said.
"These new bras are very important and they will help all our women officers."
Dozens of German policewomen have already tested the new bras and, after a two-month long trial, the underwear is being issued to officers as part of their uniform.

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Shouldn't they have Polizistin written on them?

My coat? Thanks.
I think you'll find Madonna had one years ago!

A little misleading really, its not a bullet proof bra, more of a bra suitable for using with a bullet proof vest.
I was expecting something more like this
#5 did Wonder Woman...


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