The Budget 2017

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. But, don't you see? Jermy is just a kindly old man who only wants what's best for us.

    He's not angry, just disappointed.
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  2. McDonnell is maintaining his bullshit line that Asset Managers favour nationalisations.


    Doubting John McDonnell's Honesty - Guido Fawkes
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  3. If Ed Balls could get away with Neo-endogenous existential growth theory (i.e. Printing money to "invest", primarily in welfare expenditure) then the future looks good for both Jez and John.

    I believe Jeremy has been talking about what he calls The People's Quantitative Easing to fund over a trillion pounds of expenditure by running the presses at the Bank of England. FFS blokes in the City will be demanding their salaries in Zimbabwe Dollars.
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  4. And mark my words, if Corbyn ever gets in, that is very likely to happen.
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  5. Pity that they didn't find the courage to abolish it completely, or at least up to a realistic figure of, say £750k.

    Its a ridiculously unjustified tax (actually a straightforward confiscation of personal assets) that is regressive in that it penalises all bands of homebuyers.

    E.g. if someone sells their typical semi and wants to buy an identical semi at the same value in the next town (for work or whatever), they cannot because the government has just stepped in and robbed them of a slice of their equity.
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  6. I don't think our tax system can every be sophisticated enough to distinguish between 'neccesary' rental properties and 'excessive' properties (those better off under an owner-occupiers, who are being priced out).

    These budgets arn' t perfect unfortunately.

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  7. McDonnell goes from strength to strength, it apparently being "trite journalism" for anybody to ask even the most basic and obvious of questions, which are of themselves wholly unnecessary because his plans are so self evidently flawless.

    John McDonnell refuses to answer questions about figures because 'that's why we have iPads'
  8. Not for the Many?
  9. Starved of cash my arrse. Almost every budget the NHS gets more, often extra money is allocated between budgets for something that needs urgently looking at. The NHS will always want more money then more money on top of that and why? because there is no real blueprint of what the NHS should be providing.

    Having been the beneficiary of our excellent NHS many times I'd love the staff to be paid more, they fully deserve it, but when you spunk money away on non urgent surgery and attempt to cover all ills free of charge then the NHS will continue on its spiralling descent towards destruction.
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  10. Oh it just gets better:

    McDonnell Asked 8 Times How Much Labour Would Spend Servicing Debt - Guido Fawkes

    It costs nothing to borrow so no need to worry about such trifles.

    Any and all such borrowings (but only by Labour governments of course) automatically generate equal and opposite benefits on a 1:1 basis.

    Of course. Surprised nobody has ever found that to be the actual outcome in the past. Ever. Anywhere.

    Utterly mad
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  11. The ills that you have highlighted are pennies compared to the albatross of PFI and constant change programmes. That is where the really big bucks are lost.
  12. You may well be correct but the NHS just can't carry on with no coherent direction on what it is supposed to treat free or at cost. All government departments are subjected to constant change problems so why should the NHS be any different, just because it's the NHS?
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  13. The NHS desperately needs to be reformed, but change programmes are expensive. The NHS suffers from constant change with being properly funded to transition through it. A recipe for disaster, IMHO. Perhaps that is the intention?
  14. If you want a good example of the PFI nightmare, look at the Peterborough and Stamford trust hospital.
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