The Budget 2017

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Any passing Diesel drivers and Enviro babblers might care to reflect upon the true causes of the present disaster and total silence from Labour on the matter.

    "The records confirm that ministers and civil servants in the Labour government were well aware that diesel pollution damages air quality (even if perhaps they did not appreciate the full extent). But officials preparing the 2000 Budget argued against higher tax for diesel cars "so we are not seen as being overly harsh on diesel users".

    Advice from the Treasury's tax policy section presented to ministers stated: "Relative to petrol, diesel has lower emissions of CO2 but higher emissions of the particulates and pollutants which damage local air quality. A diesel supplement is necessary so that we do not create incentives for people to choose diesel vehicles over similar petrol models in order to attract a lower VED rate."

    Reasons for 'dash for diesel' revealed

    And of course it was really easy to get that:

    "I first applied for relevant documents from the Treasury in October 2015, under the freedom of information law and the regulations governing environmental information. Their response to the request has involved considerable delays.

    At one stage the Treasury argued that it would be against the public interest to release any information, as it would damage the policy development process and inhibit the quality of advice. It later changed its stance and said the application would be too expensive to answer. Eventually officials decided to respond partly to a narrower request.

    Gordon Brown's office declined to comment."
  2. The Labour masses have seen the future - and it's Tory. This just in from Labour List - The Leading Place for the Centre Left, apparently

    "This is the most anti-London Budget in a generation, from a government that has shown contempt for Londoners. "

    Must have been a budget for the many then not the few!!

    I don't know whether that's my favourite or whether Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell describing the Tories as "out of touch" while telling us that "we have much to learn from Marx" is better.

    Hurrah for Old Labour.
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  3. There is much to learn from Marx

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  4. Two main flaws in your Everyman Plan, Tibbs:

    1. Cynically, I'm feeling terribly altruistic.

    2. Rents, in the private sector, are driven by market forces-location, size of the unit, access, local services, etc. Plus, I'm rather keen to maximise the earning potential of an asset. Because this property is in a decent semi-rural area but only 10 miles from a City with a Uni and teaching hospital, it is a fairly keen market.

    If it does stand vacant for any length of time, then I will sell it. Potentially, the local rental market is now reduced by one.
  5. Oh really?
    Welsh Government | Land Transaction Tax

    The proposed tax rates and bands will be announced by October 2017. They have not been announced as yet.

    In addition, with progressive rates, the tax is likely to have the largest effect on the wealthiest or highest income owners or sellers of property.
    F*ck the rich basically.

    Labour are keeping this very quiet!
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  6. Could be talking about the MoD to be honest
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  7. Time Labour learnt London is not the UK, pandering to minorities, millennials and immigrants will not win a GE.
  8. With the rate of immigration and ROP births, that sounds like a winning strategy long term

    Marxists only have to get lucky once, then bye bye elections
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  9. Don't worry. Arrsers will take to the hills to fight the enemy within. None of us spent the Cold War getting drunk and catching embarrassing diseases so that commies like Jeremy could, errm, enter by the back door.

    Ageing former members of Highland regiments will have their hems let down a bit so that their drooping naughty bits don't show when wearing a kilt.

    Ex donkey wallopers will lead the charge with their mighty mobility scooter cavalry.

    I will commandeer one of those Saga river boat cruise ships that are forever being advertised on telly. Feck all use in a Force 10 but better than nothing.

    Together, we will save this country from the purple haired lefties and @llech.
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  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    FREEDOM! Sovereignty and UJ jim-jams!
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  11. 100% with you on that.
    I found his personna very scatter-gun and frankly unprofessionally shouty.
    This was a pity, for as much as I detest him as a politician, he ruined a few good points due to his stuttering, staccato "read from script" delivery.
    Had the boot been on the other foot, and Jacob RH had delivered it, the opposition would have run for the hills. I don't subcribe the the Cons, but I respect him big time.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    In fairness to Brown (did I really write that?) and at the risk of raising the ghost of Graculus from the Brexit Negotiations thread, this decision had its roots in the Man-Made Global Warming scam and the Brussels-inspired transport fuels policy that it produced.

    The Commission made it very clear to fuels lobbyists, of which I was one from 2002, that the only issue that mattered when considering which fuels to promote/subsidise was CO2 reduction (even other GHGs like SOx and NOx didn't really move the dial). This lady was a prime mover of that policy:

    Loyola de Palacio - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Champions of Remain might wish to ponder the fact that her father in law was a senior figure in the world of biofuels production, one of the big winners from the policy, while champions of MMGW and all things green might wish to ponder the fact that such environmental enlightenment cost us large chunks of rainforest, a few Orang Utans and ganking air quality in many of Europe's urban centres.

    Everyone knew that the Commission was talking out of the back of it's neck but Labour's approach simply reflected EU transport fuel orthodoxy at the time. Given the prevailing zeitgeist, I doubt any party would have made a different choice.
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  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The biofuels scam I am led to believe leads to displacement of food crops in the third world, and deforestation leading to erosion and flash flooding and so forth.

    The do-gooders tend to be Arts people with no feel for science or even basic logic. Unfortunately, XMT Maggie, so also poiticians. Do-gooding has done an awful lot of BAD.
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  14. 5. When do I have to pay stamp duty?
    You have to pay within 30 days of the day on which you are entitled to take possession of your new house. You still have to submit a return even if you are not due to pay any stamp duty on the purchase price of your property, unless the property costs less than £40,000. Your solicitor or conveyancer should ensure that you do not miss the deadline.
    Stamp Duty: How much and when do I pay? - HomeOwners Alliance
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    All true.