The Budget 2003

I thought this government was elected under the promise that we'd pay less and get more?  I'm paying more now on NI contributions, community charge, fuel and lord knows what else since New Labour came into power.  I'm lost at Gordon Brown.  I genuinely believed this man could sort out Britains economy, and that by now, with this years budget, we'd all at least see a significant reduction in something.  This now doesn't seem to be the case.  

I really think that New Labour hasn't done anything significant to ordinary, working class people.  It all seems to be aimed at public transport, education and social security, none of which has anything to do with me or my friends.  

Does anyone else feel the same?  



War Hero
Basically everyone has been shafted by them.

They are continuing to ruin the health service, education, the armed forces etc etc - recruitment for all these is down, morale is poor (except the forces) and the amont of pointless paper work and reporting that is being asked for is ever increasing.

A classic example of their stupidity is that the money going to the health service this year roughly equals the savings that the health service has to make and return to the treasury - does this make sense to anybody??

It is the same for training budgets - each year they get cut - you are suppossed to do more with less - how??

Brown got handed a stable(ish) economy in 1997 and while I do admit that the world economy is a bit fcuked this governemnet have shafted everybody.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
But I'm the customer   :mad:  .  I pay their wages, so why can't they deliver what they promised ?  I bet he also rises car tax and beer duty.  Have we anything left to enjoy?

Mr Brown, PLEASE, PLEASE, take it all.  Honest, I don't mind.  Take it all   :mad:


Brown is a man in the wings, waiting for the Blair backlash, and either we the public vote the party out or the Labour MP's turn on Blair and do'A Maggie' on him.

He doesn't care about this Budget, as he is working on the proviso he will be leader in 12 months!

He's a typical Jock waiting for his chance!
Well done Mr Brown.  I think you have single handily lost the next election for 'New' Labour.  Another budget over, and an extra £5 out of my pocket for car tax, and 1p extra on my pint.  I may now move over to cider, as duty is frozen.  Thanks for nothing, Mr Brown.  

Can anyone answer me this.  Last year he abolished tax on betting.  He put up NI contributions and everything else.  Doesn't this seem 'backwards'?  I mean, he takes from your hard earned wages, but doesn't take from gambling, which many in this country don't participate in anyway.  Where's the sense in that?  Surely the mass amounts he would have made in betting tax, would have allowed a reduction in tax and/or NI ?  I just can't figure this man out.  He's lost touch with the common man.  When will he understand that people are more interested in what they can see, like MORE money in their wage packets.  Not promises of more police on the streets (not seen where I live), more schools ( I think we have enough in Manchester) and more of the stuff we either don't need or just can't see.  We want MORE MONEY IN OUR PAY PACKET'S, MR BROWN......... I'll never vote 'New' Labour.  Ever.

There was mixed news for drinkers and smokers. Mr Brown announced that a pint of beer would rise by a penny from Monday, while a bottle of wine would cost four pence more. A packet of 20 cigarettes will rise by eight pence

The man absolutely sucks the fun out of life. I guess he'll need to employ more customs officers...

The chancellor began his statement by saying it was the first time in 50 years that a Budget had been announced with UK armed forces at war.

He said the government was making £3bn available for the armed forces, along with £240m for humanitarian work in Iraq.

And he announced extra cash - £330m - for counter-terrorism measures in the UK, saying: "At home our responsibility is to safeguard our communities from terrorist threats and our resolve is absolute."
What's the betting that most of that money, will go on over-priced software and items we don't actually need?


Gunny , he`s not lost touch with the common man .... He was never in touch with the common man . He`s a politician . He , like all politicians , has never done a days work in his life .
If you get the chance go to Westminster and get to talk to some politicians . They are unbelievably thick ! They just don`t have a clue what goes on in the real world .
has never done a days work in his life .

Slackjack, you are a fireman arent you ;D ;D

Hello kettle this is pot over...........

Budget sucks but was expecting much much worse


Unfortunately Tony B's performance in the war will probably guarantee New (Robbing B*stard) Labour another 5 years of theft from the masses.

"Sarn't Major-fetch me a short length of rope and check out the lampposts in Whitehall-It's time for a lynching"


Slackjack, you are a fireman arent you ;D ;D

Hello kettle this is pot over...........

Budget sucks but was expecting much much worse

Yes, Fireman for 30yrs . But there was life before the Fire Brigade , 4 yrs in engineering .

Agree about the budget , was expecting him to tax pension lump sum commutation . Get mine in a few months , thank f***.
I don't know why this has gripped my sh*t so much.  The day after the budget, and I still feel like we've all been shafted by this government.  The 7th budget by Brown, and we all should have been given something to smile about.  They came into power at a time when the country needed a change and new ideas.  They were elected on the principle that they would get Britain 'Great' again.  I can remember a 'feel good' factor abound when Blair became Prime Minister.  And now, just like PTP says above, they have sucked the enjoyment out of everything.  Nothing seems to work properly.  There always seems to be a 'stealth tax' lurking about.  Even if he did reduces taxes, next year the community charge is being reassessed after nearly 12 years to reflect the true value of property.  Excellent, seeing as property prices have gone through the roof.  Hence in one pocket, and out the other.  Rant NOT over.........

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