The Brownhole

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by danielsan, Jun 21, 2008.

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    Gordon Brown has told close allies that the next general election will be his last as Labour leader. :roll:

    No shitt Sherlock - what does it say about our glorious leaders that even though they know they will not win the next election - nobody will challenge Gordy!?
  2. He was only ever going to fight one election, no matter what HE thought he was going to do.

    bye bye Labour your clocks ticking and at the next election you can all go back to your council outreach centre jobs.
  3. Translation for those of us who don't live in "The Westminster Village"

    "Please, please, don't replace me as leader. I'll do better, I promise. Don't make me be remembered as the only Prime Minister who never stood in any form of national election."
  4. Until very recently I loathed Brown with a passion. That was until I realised that Gordon must despise the Labour party as much as I do. He knows that if there was an election now Labour would be defeated but the party would survive. All the economic woes of the next two years will be Cameron's mess to sort out.

    In two years time, with Gordon still at the helm, the Labour party will be obliterated at the election. The Lib-dems will be the opposition and a financially bankrupt Labour party will be electorally bankrupt too.

    Gordon Brown - the man who destroyed Labour - I like him more each day.
  5. 'Gordon Brown as Labour Leader' - there's an oxymoron if ever I saw one!
  6. I dont think Brown will make it as far as the next election unless it occurs before the summer!

    Just 1 more crisis and they will kick him out of No 10 and the government will fall. Unfortunately there is little to choose from amongst the rest of the shambolic and criminal bunch they call ministers, as a replacement leader. I dont think Gordon has the personality or the nouse to lead the party into an election.
  7. He really is the most appalling man!

    PS. Longing to read 'Sven's' defence of this apology for a 'leader'.
  8. Of course he will do only one election for with his selling out of the UK he will have lined up a highly profitable job at the Euro Home for failed Politicians.
    Can't get over that comment I read that Gorden was a multi millionaire, being a Labour hack must pay well.
  9. That is unlikely as I was under the impression that Sven is a Liberal Democrat.
  10. we live in interesting times, I have a feeling he will soldier on til the election in spite of attacks on his leadership and crisis, given that he is a stubborn man and the party don't want to give the image of a party that is losing the plot and hcanging its leaders as frequent as a Banana Republic.

    I think it would be best to draw a line under this sorry episode and go for a fresh start and a new government.
  11. Yes... we do indeedy live in interesting times. Pa Gollum Brown may turn out to be the shortest serving British Prime Minister ever even if he does hang in there until May 2010. But there is a good chance that with more and more rebel Labour backbenchers, and a reanimated Tory Party, that McBroon will become more and rattled in the coming months.

    All it takes is 2 or 3 lost votes on major policies, to possibly trigger a Parliamentry 'Vote of No Confidence' tabled by the Conservatives. There still might be further revelations of scandals that could involve Mr Plod Inspector calling at Number 10 - yeah hopefully.

    Who will be his successor - Ed 'Balls' Balls or the Boy Blunder Miliband ... or maybe Harriette Har-moan-ium....... or Ma Bleares..... super, spiffing!! :? :p
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The Andrew Marr show was on today & they were talking about that.Apparently Broon is in Jordan trying to get something done about the high fuel prices.
    Here's an idea for you Gordo...Lower the feckin tax that you put on fuel!
    Later on that useless 02 thief Darling was on & he sort of let it slip that 'Public Sector workers 'will have to get used to a lower than the rate of inflation pay rise' as the government dont want to make the same mistakes that have been made in the last decade.
    When pressed on his comments,he started squirming & dodging the question.
  13. The price at the pump is not driven by the amount of tax taken when you consider that the price of a barrel of crude has increased by so much over the last few years. Its the robbing Arabs et. al. that are engineering this spike.

    On the up side, our pals the Saudis are getting richer on the back of this and will re-export our largesse to our shores in the form of more Wahabbi extremism. No good turn deserves to go unrewarded.
  14. As of August 2007, over 60% of petrol prices went on fuel duty or VAT. None of that, so far as I'm aware, goes to 'robbing Arabs'.