The Brown Princes new ideas

Now what happens?

Well now, Reid, Beckett, and I wait until nightfall and
then leap out of the rabbit and take the Voters by surprise, not only
by surprise but totally unarmed!

Who ... Who breaks out?

Er ... We ... Reid, Beckett, and I ... Er ... leap out
of the rabbit and ...

KING BLAIR covers his eyes.

Look, if we were to build a large wooden badger..."

Anybody else get a really really bad feeling that Brown is going to try too hard to impress us all with fantastic news ideas that will be equally if not more disasterous than his bosses? I cant help thinking there will be a series of hair brained ideas let loose to show how great he is. If he has so many up his sleeve why wait ten years? Tin foil hat time for me.
What new ideas are these?

I managed just three minutes of his launch speech today before I drifted into a coma, and was catatonic after five.

I wasn' really listening to what he said, but was mesmerised by the stuttering fcuk.

His full range of tics, grimaces, and rictus grins was on display, and when he paused to draw breath, his mouth was shaped like a carp surfacing to feed.

I don't know/care what he wants to do before he loses the next election - but it worries me that there is something seriously wrong with this bloke.

Every crisis this country has been in this past ten years - he simply disappears off the radar. Well, he has got nowhere to hide now, and we will shortly see what he is really made of. Good Grief! :x

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