The Brown letter calls Who?

Over the course of this week I have had several old friends (who have left the service) phoning on my mobile and work phone wishing to check if i had been playing at silly buggers again by sending them joke letters...

Some of these guys and gals left the army via the Medical Discharge system (Some forced out but they could still do their job in civvy street)...
The rest of the gang left due to deployment demands and the fact of the considerable wage increase in civvy street (around 40%).
They have recieved Brown letters inviting them all to the wonderful sand castle building contest.

Now most of these peeps are Outstanding ODPs but alot of them are bitter and angry of how they were treated by the army system, either forced out or given little choice but to leave.

They know their commitment to the colours but is it honestly wise to drag back people that the army had just "discarded" when it suited them and then suddenly go running back to them when it is suddly realised that there was not enough Quailified regular and TA ODPs to be mobilised.

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I see your point but I would rather Drag back kicking and screaming, bitter and twisted old ODP's than try to train some more in a couple of weeks (although feesable) ?

Supply and Demand

Big Army demand and WE SUPPLY

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