Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Watcher, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Forum members might be interested in the following scheduled for Radio 4 on Monday night:


    The Brixmis Story

    Jolyon Jenkins tells a little known story of the Cold War.

    The Brixmis officers were some of the most effective gatherers of military intelligence behind the Iron Curtain, stealing Soviet military hardware and searching East German rubbish dumps for classified information.'
  2. and then there were those who were "beyond" those Beyond the Front Line...

    Berlin was our bolthole and we learnt a lot about how to "dominate the ground" from the Masters at the Mission. :worship:
  3. Just listened to the programme. Not bad considering he only had thirty minutes. Recognized a few names as well.

    I also noticed that one contributor said he had asked for his SSD file and had obviously received it (or what was left of it). Has anyone else done this and if so, any tips on how to do it with minimum of fuss ?
  4. The documentary didn't specify that they were Int Corps though. I'm inferring from the very fact of this topic on this forum that they were but can anyone vouch for this?
  5. Of those I met in my time in Berlin, none of them were Int Corps.
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Some of them were, IIRC, but they didn't wear Int Corps badges or berets.

    The real connection between the Int Corps and Brixmis was that a lot of their training was done by the Attache Branch at Ashford. I can remember spending a fairly wet and nasty day on Salisbury Plain, somewhere overlooking Bulford, with an small, elite group of semi-frozen Int Corps JNCOs, dressed in NVA uniforms and clutching AKMs, jumping out and menacing G-Wagens full of Brixmis trainees.
  7. But did you see lots of "RCT" chaps? :wink:
  8. I tuned in by accident and briefly caught the plaintive cry of the lesser spotted Dorset Walt, sometimes heard by Lulworth Cove.

    Perhaps Gladys might have spotted one perched on a bar at the bottom of the hill?
    IRRC the chap never married though

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm: more facial hair
  9. You certainly got to see all manner of entertaining things in or on bars at the bottom of the hill, that's for damn sure.
  10. Nope. Of those I met off duty, a few were Inf/Cav/others.

    The 'RCT capbadges' amongst the other badges and head dress were worn all the time by the Int Corps on 'Flag Tours'......but they always had Int Corps buttons on their No2 dress jackets (I don't think the Easty Beasties were fooled either).
  11. I was a little disappointed... I thought there would have been a lot more material available, but I suppose that, by its very nature, nothing was written down!

    Will there be a follow-up? .... the Soxmis Story , or how we were hemmed in for hours, or run off the road, or tracked by British soldiers waving Soxmis Recognition Cards (available from all good Orderly Rooms) by those rotten Brits... LOL!

  12. One of "ours", a Capt, was asked by one of the Sovs from SERB (Soviet External Relations Branch?) why all the int Corps officers posted to BRIXMIS wore RCT badges!

    The "Flag Tours" were run by 3 Int & Sy Coy.

    Happy days!
  13. Well.I had my truckies uniform hand made by a Polish MSO tailor. The greatcoat too!
  14. On the same subject, the FRU weren't ALL int corps were they? I think - from what i've read, mind, so i'm open to correction - a lot were, but a lot of soldiers from different corps got into it.

    obviously don't answer this if it violates OPSEC.

  15. Jeeze, you guys didn't know the half of it! Some of us poor feckers had to leave the warm confines of the local Salisbury hostlerys and wrestle 'attache' wives into the back of cars. I'm still mentally scarred to this day. But hey, someone had to do it.