The British Veterans Recognition Card

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jimmy_Kranke, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere in the bowels of ARRSE.

    Noticed an article on a new project in the papers today:

    The British Veterans Recognition Card

    Subscribing to The British Veterans Recognition Card costs £27.50 for the first year (£15 joining fee and £12.50 annual subscription). To continue membership for the second and subsequent years costs the annual subscription fee of £12.50.

    Am I being a little too sceptical when I query the nearly £30 first year sign up costs. In this age of internet shopping, where I can instantly price match, will I really gain anything.
  2. Personally I don't see the point.
    If you have a badge, that should be good enough.
    NOW if they brought back indulgence flights, it may be worthwhile paying £30 per year for a recognition card. :)
  3. It's only £30 for the first year, the £15 fee is probably to cover the costs of the card and searches to ascertain said service, the yearly fee is £12.50, after which it reverts to £12.50 P.A.
  4. Would i not be better putting the money to the RBL? What are the benefits?
  5. Is the card really worth diddly squat without MOD support? I see no mention of any official support.........Not even the RBL. I would also have expected the group behind this card to have been canvassing on Arrse and other sites.

    If its a genuine well meant attempt to assist veterans, Good Luck.

    If its a purely moneymaking enterprise in Ipswich..........a devils curse on you

    Having now got hold of a copy of today's "People" it appears that it is the brainchild of 2 former soldiers, David Hopps(ex Bomb disposal) and Simon Lamb(ex Royal Anglian). So hopefully it is a genuine attempt to assist.

    The People has a 2 page spread, trying to get service providers to sign up.
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    RAFA does a very nice "Royal Air Force Retired Service Card" with photo etc. ... IIRC, for free.

    Why the fork should ANY retired servicemen have to pay to prove they did?
  8. "Why the fork should ANY retired servicemen have to pay to prove they did? " I just flash 'em a bit of leg, or lack of :)
    The vets badge seems to do a good enough job

  9. Veterans can use the Defence Discount Directory for FREE


    If you are part of the 10 million strong defence community you can register free today!

    Its just a pity they do not issue a card, and you have to rely on a crappy piece of paper!
  10. Spot on Mike, its a great shame, and dare I say shows a lack of commitment by the MOD to the veterans aspect of the scheme.
  11. Thanks Jimmy, Perhaps they will see the light and treat Veterans like the Yanks do [with respect and access to service facilities] But I'm not holding my breath.

    Privatisation and Pay as you Dine has all but killed off the cheep use of messes for military reunions as it is.

    Ex Servicemen have to prove they served a minimum of two years and of good character in AFB 108 or equivalent to join the UJ or VSC. Yet anyone who joins the Civil Service, Any Train Company or Transport for London or even French Railways can get in to the Union Jack Club on an ID pass!
  12. Give your immensely hard-earned money to Combat Stress. They are honest and do a good job, imho
  13. As one of the 2 ex-servicemen quoted in The People, maybe I can answer some of your questions!! Indeed I am one of a raft of people who visit this site on a daily basis, chuckling at Cernunnos’ exploits learning from MDN, but don’t contribute – my loss I know.

    This is not about selling the Card, we are all able to decide whether it is worth the money or not. Some may benefit some may not and I do not believe that this forum should be used for selling. The great thing about this joint venture with The People is that is a campaign to persuade more companies to come forward and offer discounts to all ex-servicemen and women. Next week will see the launch of a ‘window sticker’ which will indicate that the business offers a discount. The People will encourage companies to come forward and apply for the promotion and then we can all see who is supportive and who is not.

    We started the British Veterans Recognition Card in 2004 simply because the MOD, following a study into the viability of provided a ‘Veterans’ ID Card, decided not to go ahead – and subsequently produced the Veterans’ lapel badge. We felt there was still a requirement to be able to prove former service without carrying your discharge documents. We approached both the MOD and RBL to try to do something jointly but were rebutted as being too commercial. So we went ahead with the scheme funded by ourselves – you don’t pick up an ID card printer in the Manager’s Specials at PC World!

    I agree with the overriding sentiment, why should we pay to prove what we did.

    So J-K is it a moneymaking enterprise? No not for us. The fees pay for the administration and we employ one person, a Membership Secretary. David and I do not receive any salary from BVRC, we receive no bonuses/dividends or benefits. Time spent overseeing the operation, talking to Partners and manning the BVRC stand at airshows and military events is in our own time.

    Mike_2817 identifies the Forces Discount Directory and yes many, if not all, those offers are available to veterans, however, in many cases you still need to prove your former service. The Directory is a great facility and we are not in competition with it, but like British Veterans the scheme is administered by a private company Crest Publications. Do they pass on the entire discount? We do!

    So there we are, two ex-servicemen working their balls off to get better recognition for all veterans and delighted to have The People on side.
  14. Search hard enough in this day and age you can save ££££ with out the use of a discount card. I had one like this but thru the GMB, The few places I tried to use it looked at me as some kind of fcuking idiot. I suppose if you can make a saving, or your too bone to use google, it could be worth a punt.

    I can't see me buying vouchers for Asda, I'd look like a right pikey!