The British Summertime question?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by No.9, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Leave it as is, forward 1hr in Spring and back 1hr in Autumn

  2. Leave it on Summer Time at 1hr forward

  3. Leave it on Winter Time at 1hr back

  4. Change to Double Summer Time, we keep changing the clocks twice a year but start by adding an extra

  1. Often debated in the past, and now raised again in the House.

    Arguments against seem to centre on children going to school in the dark in winter, and something to do with milking cows? Sun comes up, cow moves about. Sun goes down, cow stops. Or are they clock watchers???

    Opinion polls usually show overwhelming majority want time left on Summer Time, except a comparative handful in the north north and they dig out archive footage of children walking to school instead of riding in mummy's 4x4 ;)

    I go for 'leave it on BST', with an eye to seeing if we might go to Double BST :D

  2. Couldn't care less, I live in Germany. :D
  3. Double Summer Time would bring us into line with the rest of Europe. Would be good for business wouldn't it?
  4. Move the UK twice a year to follow the sun.

    Obviously the location furthest from the sun would be recorded as our main residence so we can claim for our 2nd residence.
  5. Every f_cking year you get this pish.

    Leave it as is.

    I don't want to get woken up at 3am when the sun comes up in the summer, and I don't want it pitch black until 9am in the winter.

    A much smarter person thought of it, leave it be.
  6. We should leave it as it is, just vary the day and time it occurs. That'll keep people on their toes.
  7. Leave the time on GMT - after all, that's the time that it really is.

    Those organisations that need to deal with Europe or avoid dark mornings/evenings can always adjust their working hours to suit the available light.

    Nature's good, why fuck with it?
  8. What a sensible idea.

    Personally, I fail to see the reason for this recent fad (not even 100 years old yet) for fiddling with the clocks twice a year. Consequently, my watch stays permanently on Zulu time. Most people, being naturally conformist and feeble-minded, regard this as odd; but Prof. Mike Pitteway, a sound man on radio physics and sounder yet over a pint or three, on learning this, merely exclaimed "Ah! A proper scientist!", as he knows about half a dozen people with the same habit.

    Free clue for the dim: arrsing about with the clocks does not change the amount of sunlight in the day.

    All the best,

  9. Ah, but it isn't really. ;) It is the time given to a zone, or are you advocating going back to local time? 8O
  10. I am a septic sort and not fully familiar with the law of the EU but it is my impression that since the Lisbon Treaty the UK would not be able to establish rules for summer time. You have to comply with the policy of the EU Parliament and the Council of Europe directive Directive 2000/84/EC. There are some areas of law where the members states have shared competence but member states cannot exercise competence in areas where the Union has done so that involve a number of policy areas which time policy impact.

    I think each country should be able to control it's own affairs but the UK chose to ratify Lisbon so it would appear that you are out of luck on this issue.
  11. Turn the clocks back an hour and have us on the same time zone as europe, and then leave it there. We would soon get used to it. How can Spain be an hour behind us yet a far chunk of Spain is further West than the UK, go figure!!!!

  12. Oh dear George! Never mind. Are you aware of which way the planet spins?
  13. More to the point, is he aware of axial tilt, and how day length changes with latitude?

    There are two questions here: (a) should we change the clocks? and (b) which time zone should we be in?

    As for (a), the majority of countries outside the tropical zone seem to do this. At our high-ish northern latitude, we are affected more than most by changes in the day length: why should we not continue to follow the herd on this? I can tell you there are people who find it hard enough to wake up for work in winter anyway, as well as people who have the opposite problem (early waking with the sun) in summer.

    As for (b), the clue about Greenwich Mean Time is in the name. Western mainland Europe (except, I think, Portugal) changed its time zone for political, as well as economic, reasons. Don't forget that the French have never really forgiven us for having the prime meridian set at Greenwich rather than Paris. Personally I find the 1-hour time difference quite acceptable. Ever tried doing business with California? (This question applies to US East Coasters as well.)
  14. I can tell you there are people who find it hard enough to wake up for work in winter anyway, as well as people who have the opposite problem (early waking with the sun) in summer

    Buy a louder fucking alarm clock, my working day regularly starts in darkness. Stop being lazy and get a grip.
  15. To be blunt. Sod Europe.