The British soldier has been sold down the river again!

A note that 5 "former" Army generals are all "breaking cover" to tell what a sorry state of affairs you lads are in in Iraq and Afghanistan - the first I would say on this is none of them felt able to do so when they were active (loss of pension perhaps)!!

The British Army has been sold down the river since time immemorial, Cyprus, Israel, and Northern Ireland in my recent history. On each occasion Government has, despite rhetoric to the contrary caved in and backed one of the former terrorists - McGuiness and Adams being the latest. Some 250 soldiers died in Northern Ireland only for the Government to walk over their graves by bringing these two vile people into NI Government.

No doubt in the fullness of time, the Falklands will be ceded to Argentina. Again ignoring some 250 more soldier’s deaths.

As for Iraq and Afghanistan - lets face it lads - these are wars entered into on a false premise by Blair and Bush, particularly Iraq. Now they don't want to know you. You have been left short of men and equipment from the beginning – how the then defence secretary (Hoon) was not made to resign I do not know – indeed he and Blair should be tried for culpable homicide!!

What should you do? Well they can’t shoot you for resigning en mass and provided you did it as individuals they cannot charge you conspiracy or with treason!

PS. I am an ex serving soldier of some 12 years in case you just think I am an out and out nut!! Indeed way back in the 70's (around the time of the killing of Mountbatten) I asked a visiting General a question I have since seen reported on this site - when are to going to have a rising up of the so called silent majority in this country - not only for you boys but immigration as well (the countries not going to be the same when you get back)!!

God speed.
'THe silent majority' just cant be heard because they are (more accurately) the 'silenced majority'.
Pop star from the 80's Morrissey is in trouble at the moment for comments on immigration. His only point was the Germany is still German, Sweden is still Swedish but if you went to Britain you might not know where you were. GB has lost its' identity because of the amount of immigrants. He was talking common sense but has been 'slammed' as a 'racist'.
For this same reason politicians cant approach the subject, and if that remain the case nothing will change.
Meanwhile Joe Public is sleepwalking into a police state because they have been beaten into submission by the thought police.
That's quite some first post. What's your agenda and who do you represent?
PoisonDwarf said:
That's quite some first post. What's your agenda and who do you represent?
I think the name, the 'silent majority' bit and the reference to immigration make it clear who his fellow travellers are, at least.


PoisonDwarf said:
That's quite some first post. What's your agenda and who do you represent?
It's that LBdr Pigshagger getting above his station again. He's never been the same since he took up with that OU degree following the enforced closure of the Battery Bar.

Eau de Agenda hanging in the air again.....

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