The British S-Tanks.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by California_Tanker, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. On the offchance that anyone here was in Germany in 1973/74 (RTR, I think, from the cap badge and black uniform), does anyone know if the British S-Tanks had any markings akin to the Union Flag on the fender of a Chieftain? I know they had the British license plate on the front, and the callsign on the back, and some had names on the side, but I'm looking for any indication to the totally unaware that the things were crewed by Brits. Flag on the antenna, perhaps?

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  3. The S-Tank was trailed by members of the RTR as a possable off the shelf buy, but was regected.
  4. The trials were carried out by 2RTR when they were in Munster!
  5. Ta, but I was just giving Chieftain as an example of the sort of marking I was looking for. The tanks in question were a squadron of ten Strv-103s.

  6. AlienFTM

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    In 1976, based at Aliwal Barracks in Tidworth, many was the morning we'd see a Chieftain heading out onto the Plain, having been cut up to become a de facto S Tank, with no turret and the 120 in the glacis plate. Never came to owt.

    We also occasionally saw what ISTR was called Centaur: a Series 3 Landrover converted to be a halftrack.

    I always assumed these both came out of Bhurtpore where 4/7DG were based, but I have no evidence.
  7. the s tank in 2rtr munster was called,,cyclops,,,it was in c sqn..
    shq.,,,i remember it being on the tank park,, but no one was allowed to play with it..
  8. I remember someone telling me that they did an Ex against S tanks about 1974( could be wrong) or so, ( I joined in 74, Regt in 75) and they just sneaked round the back of them and blew them away everytime. But apparently it was pretty nifty being able to drive the S Tanks from every crew position. :p
  9. When did they remove the S-Tank from Munster, sure it was in a hangar locked up still in 1978???
  10. last date i can remember seening it was late 76,,
  11. delated due to double entry
  12. Interesting. Any photos exist?

  13. is it not at the tank museum bovington.
  14. Not on public display at any rate. (Or did you mean the Strv-103?)

  15. yes the strv io3