The British Resistance in Wales


The British Resistance in Wales exhibition

No its not an underground resistance movement hoping to thwart yet
another Nationalist attempt to split the United Kingdom in two.

Rather its the Welsh branch of Churchill's resistance force, called the
Auxilliary Units, formed in 1940 to resist the German invasion and
occupation of Britain.
Theirs currently an exhibition of the Auxiliary Units in Wales at
Abergavenny Museum, to coincide with the premier of the film
Resistance, based on the novel by Owen Sheers.
As you know this was mentioned in an earlier post back in November
about the forthcoming release of the film.

The British Resistance in Wales exhibition

The Auxiliary Units in Wales video

British Resistance in Wales, film teaser
See also The British Resistance Organisation Home Page

Meridian Television made a programme and featured my Father in Law, Don Handscombe, blowing up a railway line. They kept the old chap hanging around all day in the freezing cold; keep in mind that Don was over 80. At the end of filming they grudgingly bought the old boy a sandwich and that's all he got for a days filming.
The best bit was when they were filming him placing a charge on the line and a member of the public ambled onto the filming.
"What are you doing?" he asked
Don Handscombe replied "I'm blowing up this railway line. What does it f**king look like"
That didn't get broadcast :)
You should be glad that they didn't do anything as you may have been writing in German ... Be greatfull !
I'm extremely grateful to the units that actually fought the enemy.

That said, if I were sat here writing in German, it's quite unlikely that I'd mind.

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