The British public just dont care

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sentinel, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. I sit at work in London and read the BBC website and I see that more soldiers have been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan and I tell colleagues and they just don't care. Their only reaction is to say something along the lines of "it's their own fault their dead, they volunteered for it", or "it was an illegal war "etc. etc. They don't care that soliders are getting killed and seriously injured. They don't care that the last military hospital is going to close soon (I mentioned this to my manager once and he said "they'll just have to wait in A&E like the rest of us then"). They don't care that there are going to be massive psychological problems over what has been happening out in Iraq and 'stan.

    I've been told to stop mentioning anything to do with the army (not that I mention it anyway), beacuse "it has no relevenence to your job". We are now far enough from WW2 and far enough from national service that many companies have nobody at all who has been in the military (even if only in the reserves like myself).

    Sorry to rant, but I'm so pissed off at the completely selfish non-caring bunch of w*nkers this country has turned into people.
  2. Been this way for a while......
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Mate, you absolutely right in everything you say. But, like most things - the very thing that gives them freedom to scorn and question everything is the the thing they subject to such treatment. Why do we love the speech given by Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men so much. Whilst particularly jingoistic, the underlying message actually rings true.

    George Orwell might have been better but there you go.
  4. How soon people forget that other's sacrifices enable them to have freedom to say what they want.......
  5. I learnt that when I returned to civie street mate, joe public dont care at all. Some people say' well they voluntered to join', and 'why do they deserve special treatment'?.

    National service is long gone, and you wont meet many civies that have any connections with the armed forces.

    People think im mad because im re-joining and had to put up with alot of negativity, especially from my own family.

    Bottom line is, those that have never served will never understand.
  6. Change your colleagues/friends. Almost everyone I know is concerned and angered by the war in Iraq. When I speak to people and tell them I know people over there, they become very interested and want to know if its like the news etc.
    Personally people who don't care about their fellow human beings get put in a little mental box I keep labelled "twat"
  7. Be more to the point: NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME, started an ILLEGAL war, based on a LIE.

    NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME are the bunch of w**kers that have run-down, & attempted to destroy as well as humiliate anything to do with the Armed Forces.

    Which is ironic considering, that NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME, send the ARMED FORCES into every conflict, that has absolutely very little to do with us; the only time NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME didn't send in the our Armed Forces (& they would have happily abliged - believe me!), was with the removal of B'LIAR....

    On a personal level though, your not moaning. l'm glad that you have an opinion on the Armed Forces, at least NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME hasn't quite brow-beaten you, yet; which is more that can be said for the individuals that you work alongside...............
  8. I have to second that.

    If the subject of Military losses in Afghanistan or Iraq is raised at work with my colleagues, the people I speak to, their sympathies lie with you guys over there at the sharp end.

    It's the same as everything else in this country - the majority who care, are not vocal about it, The minority who couldn't give a rats a*se, shout it from the roof tops.
  9. Guess what I thought was a local problem is international in scale... many here in the States can give a damn less as well. Despite the pro military press image you might see about the USA, the average citizen around the North East actually knows no one in uniform and can't be bothered to do more than give mouth service when it comes to supporting our soldiers.
  10. I am planning to do some charity walks later in the year as well as the London Marathon next year for Combat Stress. Thankfully my family are very supportive, but my girlfriends family can't understand it, think im mad. think Im wrong writing to mp's about the issues concerning the armerd forces...

    Oh and btw, you may remember from ym old posts on here that I sent a letter regarding the navy etc to Patrick Mercier and also to the armed forces minister, got a good letter back from Patrick, but nothing from the Government at all..... Total and utter contempt.

    Read at the weekend that Japan now has a navy double the size of ours, infact a lot of Asian countries are expanding their navies while Europe are cutting back.... Will we never learn
  11. It's a well known fact that civies don't give a rats @ss about the military,until some fcuker is knockin on britains shores.Like WW2 when Herr Hitler came knockin.I've chatted to people in the local pub a lot of them didn't even know why we had a BAOR.Jeez.
  12. Respect your own Armed Forces before it's too late and you're forced to respect someone elses (or words to that effect)

    Personally, I haven't met many who are 'overly' concerned,but those I know do sympathise with the lads and lasses who are killed and injured however, they have lives to get on with, holidays to plan, family issues to deal with, so in all honesty, why would they want the added stress of worrying themselves sick over the Forces. To a degree, although I disgree with the 'you joined, you knew what you were letting yourself in for' attitude, they do have a point. Getting shot or blown up isn't what we'd wish for ourselves but it's an occupational hazard for a soldier, unless you have some evidence which would counter that, that is. If you don't want to take the chance, get out. It's not the fault of the average civvy that the Army has been sent to war. If it were down to the average civvy, I don't think that the Army would be in Iraq or Afghanistan. There comes a time where you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  13. Surely, for a lot of people, joining the armed forces is a vocation; something done out of a sense of duty and a feeling that is where you are supposed to be in life, not just 'cool, there's job security for a few years and I get to make things go bang'.
    Many civvies don't see this; you choose to put yourself in a position in which you can defend your country and other people's freedoms; to do this you accept you will be in unpleasant situations. Sitting somewhere and being shot at is not something you choose; it is something you have to accept in order to fulfill your feeling of duty.

    Unfortunately, 'duty' is something that is rarely recognised in the 'me me me' world of today.
  14. And that's what makes Service Personnel a cut above the rest. Be proud of the fact that there's not many who can step into your shoes and that you are understood by generations of soldiers.
  15. I dont think anyone is feeling sorry for themselves they just think the forces should be shown a little respect.